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Advantest Named THE BEST Supplier of Chip Making Equipment in Annual VLSIresearch Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • 32 consecutive years on VLSIresearch’s renowned 10 BEST list

Integrated Annual Report

Advantest has published our Integrated Annual Report 2019.
The report includes not only financial information, but also non-financial information on our Grand Design, vision, management policy, business model, strategy, environment, society, governance, etc. It aims to provide a comprehensive snapshot of our corporate value.

Integrated Annual Report
Integrated Annual Report
  • New Content Added to Online Event LIFE. ON.

    LIFE.ON. is an online event that intuitively expresses the value of the semiconductors in the indispensable technologies we use, and the value of the test technology that supports semiconductor quality and reliability. On July 1st, exciting new content was added to the event in the second phase of a planned months-long rollout. Try it out for yourself right now!

  • Advantest Introduces New Wave Scale RF channel cards for the V93000 platform

    Advantest Corporation has introduced the newest generation of its Wave Scale RF channel cards to extend the V93000 platform’s performance in testing Wi-Fi 6E and Other Connectivity ICs up to 8 GHz.

  • Sponsoring “The 15th D2T Symposium” by Systems Design Lab (d.lab), The University of Tokyo

    "D2T Symposium" was held on 17th Sept., 2020. Thank you for joining.