Memory Test System


A new multifunctional memory test system that provides high-speed memory test coverage for diverse next-generation memory chips.

The T5835 achieves massive parallelism and test speeds more than double those of previous products, meeting the testing needs of next-generation memory devices with increased speed and capacity.

Throughput improvement and test cost reductions for high-speed DRAM and NAND flash test

The new T5835 has full testing functionality, from package testing to high-speed wafer testing, for any memory ICs with operating speeds up to 5.4 Gbps, including all next-generation memories from NAND flash devices to DDR-DRAM and LPDDR-DRAM. It can handle 768 devices simultaneously for final package-level testing. It additionally features functions such as an enhanced programmable power supply (PPS) for advanced mobile memories, and a real-time DQS vs. DQ function to improve yield.

Analysis and evaluation functions optimized for next-generation memory test

The T5385’s timing training function, which is indispensable for increasingly high-speed memory tests, and its high-speed evaluation and defect analysis functions based on various device data patterns, also help the new system address high device capacities and speeds than previous products. These features reduce test times and help improve yield. In addition, the new system’s scalable structure enables future flexibility. An added CPU for calculations increases its functionality, speed, and capacity.

Common platform architecture enables optimal system configuration

The T5835 inherits the proven T5800 series as the global standard for memory test systems and further enhances the platform scalability. Several models are available, including the STH (Small Test Head), which is compact and suitable for evaluation and analysis sites, the LTH (Large Test Head), which is large and suitable for large-scale mass production for Final Test, and MTH(Middle Test Head), which is capable of high-speed wafer probing. The ability to select and offer the system configuration best suited to the needs contributes to lower initial investment and greater efficiency for customers. In addition, the digital modules are upgradeable, providing a continuous solution for future expansion needs.

Target Devices DRAM, NAND Flash
Parallel Testing Final test: 512/768
Test Speed Up to 5.4Gbps
Overall Timing Accuracy ±50ps
Software FutureSuite OS (ATL and MPAT compatible)