Test Interface Boards

R&D Altanova Advantest Group

R&D Altanova Advantest Group is a leading provider of advanced test interface solutions for wafer sort and final test applications. We offer cutting-edge design, fabrication, load board PCBs, and MLO substrates. Our clients include top integrated device manufacturers, fabless semiconductor companies, and foundries worldwide.

Established over fifty years ago as a family-owned business, R&D Altanova has grown through strategic partnerships and acquisitions, most notably with Altanova in 2013, after which Advantest acquired it in 2021. Its global presence spans the United States, Costa Rica, Southeast Asia, and Taiwan.

Our joint vision is to be the premier global provider of advanced interconnect solutions. Our mission is to enable customers to achieve world-class time-to-market through our industry-leading cycle times. We prioritize safety, employee empowerment, innovation, exceptional service, integrity, continuous improvement, and environmental stewardship.

At R&D Altanova Advantest Group, quality is our top priority. We are committed to delivering high-quality products and services on time by doing it right the first time: building quality into our processes and implementing root-cause solutions to anticipate and address potential problems.

Engineering for Signal- (SI) and Power Integrity (PI):

Signal- and Power integrity (SI) is crucial in maintaining the quality of electrical signals in digital electronics, as these signals are subject to noise, distortion, and loss. Our experienced team offers comprehensive signal integrity engineering solutions, ensuring reliable performance in your Advanced Test Equipment (ATE) interface board designs.

Our services include real-world, practical design solutions, taking into account cost and performance trade-offs. We have several decades of experience in Signal- and Power Integrity modeling, instruction, measurement, and debugging, with expertise in multiple tester platforms.

Our approach involves working closely with our customers to determine critical test requirements and recommend the best solutions from our suite of test board fabrication technologies. We simulate critical paths, optimize signal response, and verify and validate designs using advanced modeling and measurement tools.

Our resources include 3D and 2½D modeling, thermal modeling, and measurement labs capable of handling up to 50 GHz. With these solutions, our customers can be confident that their signal integrity concerns will be addressed effectively, resulting in robust and reliable designs for their test floor.

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Board Manufacturing:

At R&D Altanova Advantest Group, we excel in manufacturing high aspect ratio boards, with proven capabilities of achieving aspect ratios up to 35:1 and beyond. Our facilities are equipped with high-speed drilling machines, X-ray drilling, and laser drilling and routing, ensuring precision and quality in our products. As a result, the expertise of our highly skilled engineering team ensures optimal manufacturing yields and competitive pricing.

Our integrated SI/PI engineering and design teams offer a unique advantage as they possess in-depth knowledge of our fabrication facility's capabilities. This enables us to create tailored solutions for our customers’ test needs, addressing issues such as stack-ups, material choices, and drilling capabilities.

We continuously improve signal performance by adjusting the anti-pad in plane layers and strategically placing ground vias. For higher-speed applications, we utilize embedded coaxial vias for a significantly better signal response.

To enhance power delivery performance, we offer our EC Technology™, embedding passive components such as capacitors and resistors directly in the PWB at critical locations. This approach improves response time and allows for termination at the pin location, saving valuable surface space.

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Substrate Line Overview:

Experience unparalleled performance with R&D Altanova Advantest Group’s cutting-edge Ultra Fine Pitch Interposers designed specifically for wafer testing. Engineered to guarantee high-speed and exceptional Power Delivery Network (PDN) performance, these interposers enable higher parallelism and support multi-DUT testing.

Our advanced interposers boast an impressive 25µm to 200µm pitch range, accommodating the most demanding applications. In addition, our commitment to industry-leading cycle times ensures rapid turnaround, empowering our customers to stay ahead in the competitive semiconductor landscape.

Explore the benefits of our Ultra Fine Pitch Interposers and elevate your wafer testing capabilities to new heights.

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Assembly and Test:

The assembly of an ATE interface board involves attaching a variety of electronic components using both through-hole and Surface-Mount Technology (SMT). Components are electrically and mechanically fixed to the board with molten metal solder using various soldering techniques. Combining both methods provides the necessary strength for components under physical stress while saving space for untouched components.

Post-assembly, the populated board undergoes multiple testing stages. First, an Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) is performed to visually check component placement, soldering quality, and adherence to JEDEC guidelines. To test the board and components electrically, R&D Altanova Advantest Group utilizes the Interceptor Test system (IT) to verify the network's functionality and create a signature for future reference after repairs. Trust our comprehensive assembly and testing process to deliver high-quality, reliable interface boards.

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