Invisipin® Series

R&D Interconnect Solutions

High-performance conductive elastomer interconnect solutions are used in a wide range of applications, including high-speed digital devices, RF/mixed-signal devices, and other electronic components that require high signal integrity and power integrity. These solutions are typically high-density and low-resistance, providing a reliable and efficient connection in various electronic systems.

R&D Interconnect Solutions (RDIS)–an Advantest group company–is a trusted provider of high-performance conductive elastomer interconnect solutions. RDIS provides low-profile pins, fully customized solutions, and a patented solderable solution, all with quick turnaround times.

R&D Interconnect Solutions' (RDIS) patented Invisipin® Solderable is an individual conductive elastomer pin in an SMT component form. This offering allows the flexibility of creating direct-soldered, low-profile, high-performance interconnect patterns to enable novel designs, whether they are board-to-module or board-to-board applications.

Our highly experienced engineering team offers solutions to common challenges in the industry:

As electronic devices become smaller and more complex, designing an effective and reliable interconnect solution can be challenging. The interconnect must handle increased I/O density while maintaining high electrical and mechanical reliability. We offer highly sophisticated design and engineering capabilities.
High-performance interconnect solutions can be expensive, particularly for applications that require high density, high current capacity, and low resistance. We offer a balance between cost and performance through our unique solutions.
The interconnect solution must be compatible with existing hardware and systems. We offer custom solutions or adaptations.

Our philosophy is to be more than just a provider; we are a partner in your journey towards high-performance solutions.

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Invisipin® Test Sockets:

In the realm of technology, precision is paramount. That's where our Invisipin® Test Sockets come in. These are designed with a wide range of contact pitch sizes and geometries to enable impressive bandwidth and current carrying capabilities. Furthermore, they're built to withstand harsh environmental conditions and come with custom cooling options for optimal performance.

Imagine the possibilities when your tests are no longer limited by low-grade socket technology. With our Invisipin® Test Sockets, you can access high-precision testing that brings reliability and accuracy to your operations. You can now push the boundaries of innovation, knowing that your testing framework won't let you down.

Read more about our Invisipin® Test Sockets Specifications:

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Invisipin® Board to Board:

When it comes to board-to-board interconnectivity, reliability and versatility are key. Our Invisipin® Board to Board Interconnect provides just that, offering a highly configurable and robust solution that accommodates digital, power, and RF on the same array. It even features an air dielectric option for high-speed/RF applications.

Imagine a world where your board-to-board connections are no longer a bottleneck but an enabler of seamless performance. That's the power of Invisipin® Board to Board Interconnect. It's not just a product but a pathway to unparalleled performance and technological innovation.

Invisipin® Solderable:

In a world where innovation is the key to success, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference. That's why we've introduced the Invisipin® Solderable – the world's first solderable, individual conductive elastomer pin.

Imagine a solution that is not only compatible with pick and place and solder reflow but is also infinitely configurable and individually replaceable. We've turned that into a reality. With our Invisipin® Solderable, you get unparalleled performance, all while ensuring less than 1 dB loss at 65 GHz and up to 4 amps of continuous current carrying capacity.

We don't just provide products; we provide solutions that are 100% electrically tested, assuring that you get the reliability and performance you need to propel your innovations forward. With the Invisipin® Solderable, you're not just getting a component; you're investing in the future of your technology.

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