Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions™

The Advantest Cloud Solutions™ (ACS) ecosystem helps customers accomplish intelligent data-driven workflows. The ACS open solution ecosystem, a family of cloud-based products and services, is based on a single scalable data platform, which enables customers to develop or procure market-leading solutions from Advantest and its partners. Using these real-time machine learning, market-leading solutions, customers can automate turning insights into production actions in an easy-to-use and accessible way across the entire semiconductor value chain. For more information, see the list of current solutions below.

ACS TE-Cloud™

Advantest's ACS TE-Cloud™ is a one-stop test engineering solution platform, offering a complete test development environment with an integrated set of software tools for V93000 test program development.

ACS Edge™

Advantest's ACS Edge™ is a high-performance and highly secure edge compute and analytics solution enabling ultra-fast, algorithmic AI decision-making with millisecond latencies during test execution.

ACS Dynamic Parametric Test™

Advantest ACS Dynamic Parametric Test™ (DPT) powered by PDF Exensio® focuses on DC parametric test, also known as WAT or e-Test, typically performed in-line during wafer fabrication and end-of-line when wafers are shipping from fab to wafer sort.

ACS Adaptive Probe Cleaning™ (APC)

Advantest's ACS Adaptive Probe Cleaning™ (APC) solution is an industry-first approach that uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to clean probe needles on an as-needed basis, lengthening probe card lifetime, improving wafer test yield and reducing test costs.

ACS Nexus™

ACS Nexus™ is the new standard of real-time, bi-directional data and control highway solution across different Advantest platforms and backend testing stages to enable advanced test strategy, factory automation and supply chain management.


ACS EASY™ is offering a new low-cost yield-improvement solution that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to expedite identifying the root causes of yield loss and increase the efficiency of analyzing test results.