ACS Nexus™

The new standard of real-time, bi-directional data and control highway solution

ACS Nexus™ is the new standard of real-time, bi-directional data and control highway solution across different Advantest platforms and backend testing stages to enable advanced test strategy, factory automation and supply chain management.

The standard interface allows customers to simply implement their inline analytics capabilities, real-time control, and data feedforward/feedback across different test stages to maximize their yield, optimize the throughput, and ensure the test quality without increasing breakdown risk in production line.

ACS Nexus™ also has the fully integrated roadmap with Advantest's tester platform software as well as other ACS products (such as ACS Edge) to ensure the connectivity, scalability, compatibility, and extendibility to better support the future needs of different advanced applications and use models.

Through the integration of tester software with ACS solutions, ACS Nexus™ can be easily deployed into large scale installations with minimal effort for fast adoption.


  • Access to integrated real-time data-streams from globally distributed test floors.
  • Standardized data format and API for all test data and equipment data.
  • Authentication and end-to-end encryption of all data transfers.
  • Support for Data-Feed-Forward across different insertions and stages throughout the IC production flow.
  • Bi-directional communication enabling real-time production control actions.
  • Native support for all Advantest hardware and software platforms.
  • Open software architecture compatible with customers and third-party data analytics solutions.


  • Ability to access and analyze integrated device test data and equipment data from all IC production test stages in real-time.
  • Ensured data security based on zero-trust security framework.
  • Full compatibility and easy deployment with Advantest platforms.
  • Simple deployment and trusted reliability.
  • Real-time communication and in-situ decision-making within the test cell and from the test cell to the cloud, when combined with ACS Edge.
  • Enabling smart manufacturing in semiconductor test for step change improvements in terms of IC production testing quality, efficiency, and yield.