Remote Support Services

ADVANTEST CONNECT+ is as expert level remote support solution applicable available on a variety of ADVANTEST platforms.

For accurate and reliable semiconductor test, timely test application preparation, smooth production ramp up and uptime are a must. Advantest's skilled engineering team offers you intelligent online support. With the recent growth in security network technologies, ADVANTEST CONNECT+ enables you with hassle-free access to our intelligent support services.

Advantest has been working with secureWISE, the semiconductor industry's de facto best security network to enable you to define the appropriate access level based on your own security policy. ADVANTEST CONNECT+ is available to you not only through secureWISE, but also through any security network of your recommendation.

ADVANTEST CONNECT+ promotional video

ADVANTEST CONNECT+ xR Digital Support & Remote Control Solution

ADVANTEST CONNECT+ enables rapid troubleshooting by sharing the customer's monitor screen of the equipment with Advantest on the cloud. Quickly understand the situation with visual information and support in real time with multi-language video calls and chats. It is also possible for our engineers to remotely control it or to mask the surroundings and project only the target equipment. Security and privacy measures include user authentication using Active Directory, 100 + Cloud Security authentications, URL filter by Proxy Server, no need to log in to production Network, encryption using SSL protocol, and one-time passwords.