Uptime Support

Calibration is one of the critical factors impacting the reliable operation of your test system

As components age and equipment undergoes changes in temperature or mechanical stress, system performance will gradually degrade.

Advantest's calibration service is designed to detect and eliminate inaccuracies, providing assurance that your system continues to meet published performance requirements.

Advantest's global supply chain ensures the fastest parts delivery worldwide

We have structured the on-demand spare parts service to best optimize the stock of onsite parts to suit your performance goals.

  • Advanced module exchange is the simplest solution to your spare parts needs. Transactional parts are purchased on demand and shipped at published lead times.
  • On-demand spare parts is a program where Advantest stock spare parts close to your test floor for quick availability.

Advantest software update enables easier test program development, faster production ramp and upgrades to the latest hardware

With Advantest software updates you are always on top of the newest features and enhancements, which facilitate software ease of use with new test methods that can speed up test development. These upgrades support new ways of parallel testing, test system flexibility and scalability and easier maintenance.

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