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Why Advantest

In the semiconductor industry, where technologies and business models change extremely fast, Advantest has always been on the cutting edge of progress with the world's best product and solution development capabilities, and unmatched technical support delivered through global teamwork.

Broad Product Portfolio

Advantest's broad product portfolio, including SoC testers and memory testers for testing various types of semiconductors, handlers for transporting chips, and device interfaces for connecting testers and devices under test, enables us to provide one-stop, turnkey solutions optimized for each customer’s needs.

Industry-Leading Customer Base & Partnerships

Advantest has built strong partnerships globally with semiconductor companies including IDMs, fabless companies, foundries, and OSATs, as well as with universities and research institutions. Nearly all of our customers are companies that produce advanced semiconductors. Together with them, we are taking on the challenge of creating next-generation semiconductors.

Global Customer Support

The semiconductor value chain is expanding globally, and device production spans multiple countries. To address the associated challenges, we have consistently invested not only in product development but also in building out our global support system. Our engineers' local support capabilities, backed by our accumulated expertise, are highly rated by our customers. Underlining our achievements in customer support, we have been ranked as one of the "10 BEST” suppliers in TechInsights’ Customer Satisfaction Survey—the industry’s best-known opportunity for customers to provide feedback for suppliers of semiconductor equipment--for 36 consecutive years.


Main uses of semiconductors
Mainframe Computers

We were founded as a developer and manufacturer of single-function electronic measurement instruments such as voltmeters and frequency counters. Following our success in this field, we embarked on a fruitful strategy of narrowing down target markets, differentiating our products with advanced technology, and winning market share. Our business expanded in line with the growth of the Japanese electronics industry. At the end of the 1960s, we were one of the first companies to foresee the historical opportunities soon to be created by the semiconductor industry, and staked our fortune on the development of test systems that would utilize our electronic measurement technologies. Overcoming a management crisis and other difficulties, we succeeded in developing semiconductor test systems with world-class performance.

  • Takeda Riken Industries founded
  • TR-124B Electronic Counter for digitally measuring frequency became a hit product
  • Launched the Digital Multimeter, the first Japanese-made digital voltmeter
  • Launched the first Japanese-made semiconductor test systems, the T-320/20 and T-320/30
  • Launched a VLSI test system with a test frequency of 100MHz, boasting the highest performance in the world
Our original workforce. Founder Ikuo Takeda is second from left in the front row.
Main uses of semiconductors
Personal Computers

In this era, the semiconductor market expanded massively due to the spread of personal computers and the invention of the internet. Our semiconductor test systems, which combine state-of-the-art measurement technology with volume production capabilities, supported the evolution and development of semiconductor devices. In 1985, we became the dominant player in the global semiconductor tester market. Test systems were now the core business of our company.

  • Established a local subsidiary in the United States. Facilities were later established elsewhere around the world
  • The company's name was changed to Advantest Corporation. Obtained the No. 1 share in the semiconductor test equipment market, according to VLSIresearch. (now TechInsights)
  • Launched the T6691, a VLSI test system featuring an industry-best test speed of 500MHz/1GHz
  • 250MHz S-DRAM memory test system T5581 launched; it soon became a best-selling product
Our T5581 high-speed memory test system
Main uses of semiconductors
Mobile Phones

After the turn of the century, smartphones took over from PCs as the main driver of semiconductor demand, and the global division of labor in semiconductor design and manufacturing progressed. Amid increasing market demands for cheaper, more efficient test, we worked to stabilize our management foundation, and implemented a series of forward-looking measures such as M&A of companies outside Japan. With our acquisition of Verigy in 2011, we staked the company's fortunes on a daring move for the second time in our history. It has paid off. The addition of Verigy's customer base and global operation know-how has supercharged our growth in the years since.

  • The Nikkei 225 selects Advantest as one of the 225 stocks on which the Nikkei Average is calculated
  • Established Japan's largest biotope on the grounds of the Gunma R&D Center
  • Acquired Japan Engineering Co., Ltd. Launched the T2000, an open architecture SoC test system
  • Acquired Credence Systems GmbH
  • Acquired Verigy, a major semiconductor test equipment company
  • Acquired W2BI.COM
  • Announced Grand Design and first mid-term management plan
  • Acquired the system level test business of Astronics, Corp. (USA)
A 2011 press conference announcing our acquisition of fellow semiconductor test equipment supplier Verigy
Main uses of semiconductors
Big Data/AI

It is already possible to discern that the spread of AI and 5G will bring about an explosion in the amount of data processed around the world, propelling a new phase of evolution in the semiconductor market. Semiconductors, so essential to our data-driven society, are gaining in sophistication, complexity, and capacity, and need to be more reliable than ever before. As the digital transformation advances and the semiconductor value chain further evolves and expands, we will continue to create new customer value, including expansion of our business into system-level testing and data analytics.

  • Acquired Essai Inc. (USA). Business alliance with PDF Solutions, Inc. (USA). Launched V93000 EXA Scale™
  • Formulation of ESG Action Plan. Announced second Mid-Term Management Plan. Acquired R&D Altanova, Inc. (USA)
  • Acquired CREA S.r.l. (Italy)
  • Acquired Shin Puu Technology Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Our system-level test system R&D and production facility in the US