Purchase & Sale of Pre-owned Equipment

We purchase pre-owned equipment from customers who no longer use Advantest products, and refurbish it according to new customer needs. Our engineers change tool specifications, check operability, and switch licenses. Pre-owned products enjoy the same high level of maintenance support that Advantest provides for new products.

Our recycling philosophy

The Advantest Group is actively engaged in the reuse and recycling of the equipment it sells. We are also making efforts to purchase equipment that is not expected to be reused and recycle resources.

Please see here for details.

Provide safe and secure used system with guaranteed performance

  • Buy back test systems from customer or market
  • Delivers refurbished and/or reconfigured equipment with the certified parts
  • Resale pre-owned test systems
  • Offers system installation and maintenance programs


For inquiries about our second-hand systems, modules, parts, or to discuss surplus equipment, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.