Engineering Services

Advantest offers a suite of solutions to reduce Time-To-Market (TTM)

In your test floor operation, it is essential to have all the necessary tools and expertise to enable you optimize the efficiency along your test program development path.

Test Program Development Services

The design-to-production path for new devices moves at an impossibly fast pace. It is crucial to start with a test program that reduces risk and shortens the learning curve from the first run. Our test program development service provides the highest quality and most reliable test solutions.

Software Tools

It is possible to shorten the testing preparation time by engaging the software tools that Advantest offers for the V93000. These software applications can simplify the arduous process of switching test programs and devices on systems, in order to quickly bring order to your production floor.

  • Test program migration simplifies the correlation between different system software revisions.
  • The test program development software helps you gain visibility to different elements of your test program and addresses problematic areas early, enabling a quicker ramp to production.
  • Test program debugging and correlation optimization is achieved through our software tool that collects mass data and provides actionable results to improve test program quality.