Dividends & Returns

Dividend Policy

The Company has revised its dividend policy in formulating the third mid-term management plan for the fiscal years from 2024 to 2026 as follows.

Based on the premise that a sustainable level of business development and mid-to-long term enhancement of corporate value is fundamental to the creation of shareholder value, the Company practices management that is conscious of capital efficiency, financial soundness, and shareholder returns.

The Company has set the capital policy to prioritize business investment for growth such as R&D, facility enhancements, and M&A, while being flexible in utilization of liabilities (debt) from the viewpoint of balance sheet management that considers both capital efficiency and capital cost. In addition, the Company ensures an appropriate capital structure with maintaining financial soundness in order to strengthen the Company’s business position and enhance its corporate value.

The shareholder return that is in congruence with the third mid-term management plan for the three years starting from April 1, 2024, under the premise of stable business environment, is set to make stable and continuous dividend with a minimum amount of ¥30 per share for annual. In addition to dividends, the Company has set a target to achieve a cumulative total return ratio(*) of 50% or more, including share repurchase, over the three years of the third mid-term management plan. However, there is a possibility that the Company may not be able to disburse shareholder returns due to the occurrence of investment growth opportunities that require more funds than expected and the deterioration of business performance for the changes in the market environment.

  • (*)
    Total return ratio: (Dividend + share repurchase) / consolidated net income

Dividend per share (Past 5 years)

Record date Interim Year-end Annual total Payout ratio(consolidated)
FY2023 (2024/3) 16.25 yen 18.00 yen 34.25 yen 40.6%
FY2022 (2023/3) 16.25 yen 17.50 yen 33.75 yen 19.4%
FY2021 (2022/3) 12.50 yen 17.50 yen 30.00 yen 26.7%
FY2020 (2021/3) 9.50 yen 20.00 yen 29.50 yen 33.3%
FY2019 (2020/3) 10.25 yen 10.25 yen 20.50 yen 30.4%
  • *
    Advantest has issued a 4-for-1 stock split of common stock, effective October 1, 2023.
    The above dividend per share figures are based on the assumption that the stock split had been issued at the beginning of fiscal 2019.

Shareholder Benefit Plan

We do not have a shareholder benefit plan.