Training (eLearning)

Advantest offers online training at your pace through Advantest Dojo.

Advantest provides leading-edge test solutions to hundreds of high-tech companies. In the rapidly evolving semiconductor industry, expertise in test system environments is essential.

Advantest Dojo is a learning management system (LMS) built to help users acquire the necessary expertise. Improve your knowledge of test technology and learn how to operate test systems with our system-specific content.

We are continually adding content to Advantest Dojo. Currently, the following content is available:

  • SOC Test System: V93000 (SmarTest 7 and SmarTest 8)
  • Memory Test Systems: MPT3000 and T5000 (Programming language and DUT can be selected. Programming language: ATL/MCI. DUT: DDR SDRAM/NAND FLASH)
  • LCD Test System: T6391