Compliance hotline

Please use the "Compliance hotline" to report cases where you may find or suspect any violation of the Advantest Code of Conduct, contracts, or laws and regulations by Advantest or by our employees. We will confirm the facts of the matter reported and deal with it appropriately.

Advantest will not disadvantage the reporter or the reporter's company, and shall not act against their benefits as a result of the report. The above, however, does not apply when those parties report cases for illicit purposes, such as for abuse or defaming the Company or its employees, and which include intentionally falsified or fabricated information.

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    Please note that the content of the consultation or report will be sent to Advantest Corporate Ethics Consultation Office.
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    Even if the contents may contain information relevant to a specific person at the Company, s/he will not be informed of the contents.
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    The Company prohibits any retaliation against anyone who consults or reports or cooperates in the investigation of the incident.