Efforts to provide value through business

Advantest provides products and services that meet our customers' needs by maintaining high product quality and innovating on the technological forefront. Our supplier relationships form the foundation of our business. We aim to grow together with our suppliers through these cooperative relationships.

Supporting Product Safety and Quality

The process from product planning to completion of development and transfer to the production department requires collaboration with various departments such as marketing, sales, quality assurance, manufacturing, and service. In this section, we explain how we face the challenges of improving product safety and quality with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction.

Process from R&D to production
At the planning stage, we refer to information and advice from marketing and customer service departments, and work with the Quality Assurance Department for product certification, the Production De partment for manufacturing start-up, and the Service De partment for installation and support. At the design stage, we collect opinions from a wide range of departments in order to address various aspects such as availability of parts, suitability for mass production, and post-sales maintainability.

Initiatives to Secure Product Safety and Quality

Aiming to meet the increasingly high product safety standards seen as important by modern society, we adopted the Advantest Product Safety Charter in May 1995.

To achieve the above, we formulated the “Product Safety Promotion Regulations” and established a company-wide committee as an organization to promote advances in product safety. From May 1995 to the present, this committee has continued to actively take part in product safety improvement initiatives.

In FY2023, we commissioned external specialists to undertake inspections of the safety and durability of 13 major Advantest products. The results indicated that there was no need for further revision of improvement of Advantest's safety specifications.

Advantest operates a 10 m Radio Anechoic Chamber (EMC Center) that complies with the EMC Act required for the sale of products worldwide.
Europe (CE Marking) and South Korea (KC Marking) in particular have strict EMC laws and regulations.
Even in The United States, Advantest takes measures to comply with American EMC laws and regulations (FCC) due to a risk of litigation caused by noise in the surrounding environment when operating products as well as due to customer requirements.
The EMC Center is run by staff who have acquired the ISO17025 international standards regulating the operation of test facilities, in addition to EMC engineers who have been certified under the International Association for Radio, Telecommunications and Electromagnetics (iNARTE), which allow internationally recognized in-house EMC certified testing.
The facilities of the EMC center also put in place an environment that is capable of testing large industrial machinery that is only available in a few places in Japan thanks to equipment that include a turntable with an 8-meter diameter to equip with products, a 3-phase power supply able to supply a total of 148 KVA power capacity that can withstand 10 t, and equipment that can provide water cooling.

It is necessary to keep an eye on the latest legislative trends for each country of origin particularly for EMC laws and regulations. Advantest collects information about EMC laws and regulations by participating in the KEC Electronic Industry Development Center (KEC) working group. We also provide EMC regulatory information to the semiconductor manufacturing industry through the Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan (SEAJ).

Advantest Group Quality Policy

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of all our activities.

  1. (1)
    We maintain product quality for the entire life cycle of our products and services and satisfy our customers’ requirements throughout the value chain.
  2. (2)
    We fulfill our social responsibility and increase stakeholder satisfaction through continuous improvement of our quality management system to optimize business processes, while complying with all applicable laws and regulations.
  3. (3)
    We provide technologies, products, and services that satisfy customers in a timely manner.

Quality Management System

In keeping with our product quality plan where customer satisfaction is the fundamental basis of all our activity, we have designed our quality management system to comply with the international quality assurance standard ISO9001 throughout the Company.

We have established an organization to promote the system within the company-wide framework, led by the Quality Assurance Manager under the supervision of the executive management, which maintains and improves quality systems, with the goal of raising customer satisfaction. We have also constructed our own internal audit framework, and we maintain and improve our systems through regular internal audits.

Furthermore, the entire Group (eight countries and 21 sites) is advancing system integration and has acquired the ISO9001 Global Integration Certification as of April 25, 2018 to strengthen global quality management systems.

By FY2023, system integration has expanded further to eight countries and 26 sites.

The number of product recalls in FY2023 was zero with the help of this quality control system.
In the future, we aim to strengthen and expand quality control while maintaining this framework.

Number of Product Recalls in Past Five Years

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Fiscal Year FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 FY2023
Number of Product Recalls 0 0 0 0 0
ISO9001 global system diagram
By placing a central management function under top management, we maintain a single certification overall through the PDCA cycle at 21 sites in 8 countries.

Design Review System Aimed at Improving Quality

Customers constantly require functionality, performance, and quality in Advantest products. In response, our circuitry has become increasingly larger and complex. Meanwhile, we are also responding to demands for shorter development lead times, a challenge we feel is best addressed by instilling quality at the upstream design phase so that we can detect potential issues early on. Accordingly, we introduced a new design review system in 2008 as a framework for achieving these goals.

  • Our design review system was amended to ensure that the project leader establishes a design review plan when product development begins, so that reviews are conducted regularly.
  • We changed the system so that the relevant staff and the project leader, as well as the quality assurance group, carry out monitoring to prevent follow-up omissions, by enabling the visual identification of issues raised.
  • We also adopted the Design Review Meister System, which involves forming groups of in-house experts for each technical area to participate in the related design reviews. This system increases the rate of problem detection in design reviews, encourages the succession of technologies, and facilitates in-house education. Many positive results have been achieved through these activities.

For instance, the rate of defect detection during the design phase has recently improved, leading to a decrease in setbacks and minimizing development delays. The new design review system has resulted in improvements in design quality and a reduction in development lead times. However, it has also revealed some cases in which problems that should have been detected by the designer ultimately found their way into the design review or the post process.

Advantest regularly collects analysis and feedback on issues that have gone undetected and makes improvements to the review framework as necessary. Moreover, going forward we will implement further improvements to the design process involving thorough checking prior to design reviews to achieve better design quality.

R&D process and the design review
Due to the nature of advanced technology, the research and development process may not proceed smoothly and engineers may sometimes have to backtrack. In order to minimize these productivity losses, we conduct design reviews at every important step from development planning to prototyping. The reviews cover a wide range of topics, including specifications, circuit/block diagrams, and verification methods, so that quality is built in from the upstream stages of development.

Activities to Improve Component Quality (SQE Activities)

We are committed to the belief that individual components underpin overall product quality, and therefore the quality of each and every component has to be exceptional. Based on this belief, the Advantest Group engages in SQE (Supplier Quality Engineering) initiatives beginning at the component adoption phase, drawing on the support of our supplier network. SQE initiatives are undertaken with the aim of enlisting a team of experts to bring about improvements to component quality. Accordingly, it is critical that we engage in practices to ensure component quality, particularly given that the number of parts used in our products is roughly equivalent to the 200,000 to 3,000,000 parts that make up an aircraft.

Our SQE initiatives involve the following three practices.

  • Careful selection of components: When given the choice of multiple components with similar performance specifications, we select the best item through a process involving in-house quality analysis and evaluation.
  • Quality improvement through PDCA: We apply PDCA-cycle practices from the component design phase to manufacturing to achieve improvements prior to high-volume production and thereafter.
  • Ensuring that tolerances are maintained in component design: We aim for component design benchmarks determined on the basis of tolerances rather than standard specifications.

In this way, by running SQE activities from the product development stage, we can reduce problems with components in the manufacturing process and the risk of component problems reaching the marketplace, which contributes to greatly reducing the risk of losses. The results of this approach can be seen in the smooth running of our end users' processes and in the increased security that our clients enjoy when using our products.
In addition, by decreasing the number of rejected parts, we decrease the need for their exchange and disposal, and thus contribute to reducing the environmental impact.


Advantest is committed to helping its customers achieve higher levels of productivity by offering them products that guarantee high availability – meaning that they are unlikely to malfunction, and will recover immediately should failure occur. More specifically, availability refers to the ratio of time that a system is operational over a given time, and as such constitutes one of the benchmarks of product integrity. The Advantest Group delivers high availability by working hard to improve MTBF*1 so that systems will operate without malfunction over longer duration of use, while also reducing MTTR*2 so that systems will be more readily serviceable when a malfunction does occur.

  • *1
    To improve MTBF: MTBF: Mean Time Between Failure
  • *2
    To reduce MTTR: MTTR: Mean Time To Repair

Initiatives Aimed at Improving Software Quality

Advantest continues to implement initiatives aimed at improving software quality. Software for test systems, handlers and other such systems shipped by Advantest first goes through a process that involves quality verification by the Quality Assurance Group. The specification sheet, a parallel product of development, is examined by the Quality Assurance Group in real time and feedback is given, which helps to ensure quality at upstream stages of development. The examination is implemented before development is completed, and after it has been confirmed that quality standards have been met, products are shipped.

Advantest promotes the incorporation of Automotive SPICE*1 into the development process in order to ensure the quality of embedded automotive software. In 2021, we obtained Automotive SPICE Level 1 certification for the V93000 system software SmarTest. We are also working to obtain Automotive SPICE Level 2 certification for T2000 system software. These initiatives help to bring about the timely delivery of even better products.

  • *1
    Stands for "Automotive Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination", which is an automotive industry standard software development process model

Efforts to Improve Customer Satisfaction

To improve customer satisfaction, we strive to develop and manufacture products that satisfy customers’ needs, keeping abreast of market trends. In order to develop products that exceed customer expectation, we conduct appropriate design reviews in the process of product development including various departments; not only Manufacturing Division and Quality Assurance Division but also Sales Group, Field Service Group, Marketing Division, and other related departments who directly communicate with our customers. We will continue to serve our customers by quickly responding to customer needs as our customers deal with the ever-changing markets and the development of competitive next-generation technologies.

Basic Policy for Improving Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the most fundamental principle underpinning Advantest's business.
  1. (1)
    We maintain product quality for the entire life cycle of our products and services and satisfy our customers’ requirements throughout the value chain.
  2. (2)
    We fulfill our social responsibility and increase stakeholder satisfaction through continuous improvement of our quality management system to optimize business processes, while complying with all applicable laws and regulations.
  3. (3)
    We provide technologies, products, and services that satisfy customers in a timely manner.

By sharing the above product quality policy throughout the Group, we strive to offer products that provide not only superior performance but also superior environmental friendliness and safety. We are committed to keeping our customers satisfied at every stage, from design and manufacturing to sales and service, by providing an ever higher level of guaranteed quality, top-notch service, and support on a global scale.

Sales and Marketing Practices to Ensure Higher Customer Satisfaction

In the semiconductor market, where technology continues to evolve, our customers consistently take on the challenges of addressing environmental and social issues. Advantest believes that a proactive and speedy provision of comprehensive solutions is crucial in increasing customer value while our customers keep striving ahead for new challenges. As part of our efforts to increase customer value, we have been improving sales and marketing organizational structure. Advantest integrated marketing function of our business units, which was responsible for product strategy and new product planning, into our sales headquarters in December 2016 and we also integrated system solutions department, which provided semiconductor test system support, in June 2017. The integration of marketing department into the sales headquarters has enabled sales units to provide timely feedback to the marketing units on needs gathered through communication with customers, enabling more efficient development and delivery of products to customers. In addition, the integration of system solutions into the sales headquarters has also helped us to provide prompt technical support for our customers.

Furthermore, the sales and marketing units within the sales headquarters were integrated in March 2020 to create a system that can more speedily and accurately reflect customer needs in product development. We aim to further improve customer satisfaction by taking measures in response to changing market and customer needs.

Sales and Marketing Activities to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Not only do we provide test solutions, but also keep our customers up-to-date on the latest technology and product information related to the market so as to stay committed in supporting our customers' technical innovations. Due to the impact of COVID-19, we held our conventional face-to-face exhibitions and customer events online; however, beginning in 2022, we are resuming in-person events while taking vigilant measures to prevent the spread of infection. In May 2023, we successfully held the VOICE - Advantest Developer Conference in Santa Clara, California, USA. VOICE is run by a committee made up of Advantest and voluntary customers, serving as an international community where users and strategic partners related to our product portfolio gather and grow together, and celebrated its 15th anniversary this year. The conference is also a place for participants to deepen their insights and build lasting relationships by discussing the efficiency and productivity of semiconductor testing and learning about the latest technology trends and applications.

Promoting Customer Support

The Advantest Group has established its basic policy for customer support with the aim of realizing the globally-oriented restructuring of the Group's service businesses.
Our basic policy is outlined as follows.

Basic policy for customer support

  • We will propose total solutions in the form of support packages designed to deliver maximum efficiency to our customers in their device measurement operations.
  • We will propose unified service support matching the customer's business model from development to the mass production environment.
  • We will respond to customer demands by proposing service support packages that encompass total solutions.
  • We will always take the customer's point of view and draw on our global organization in offering solutions.
  • Our premium services and customer support will not only be efficient, but will also take the environment and safety into consideration.
  • We will offer high-value-added professional services.
  • We will strive to maintain our zero-accident record by thoroughly observing safety standards in field service provision and elsewhere.

Better Customer Support with a Global Focus

Advantest is building a global support framework capable of responding effectively to a variety of customer support requests and inquiries from customers. While responding to routine inquires through customer contact centers in each country, as well as by telephone and e-mail, we are also implementing primary support consisting of technical service and onsite repairs by field service engineers.

We place expert global support teams in product development bases to carry out secondary support, allowing us to respond appropriately based on the content and degrees of difficulty of customer support. This way, we are working to improve customer satisfaction while building relationships of trust with customers through a system that can provide high-quality services.

We have developed a global supply-chain network covering customer operations ranging from their development bases to mass production facilities. Moreover, we also operate a supply-chain control mechanism through which replacement equipment and parts at service centers in each country are monitored to determine inventory needs at respective locations worldwide.

We continue to run an engineer exchange program between overseas subsidiaries and our secondary support division, which helps field service engineers improve their professional skills and raises the quality of our support. This two- to three-year human resource development program aims to sharpen engineers' technical skills, develop cross-cultural competencies, and raise foreign language and communication proficiencies.

In the mass production facilities of customers, we offer on-request expert engineering consulting and solutions regarding productivity issues as well as training and proposal services regarding device measurement, aiming to increase customer value through collaborative creation with our customers.

Global Support Center System
As primary support, field service departments and contact centers in each region provide on-site repair, material shipment, remote support, and sales of consumable parts. If more advanced technical support is required, the related department will provide expert on-site repair as secondary support.

Strengthening the Recycling and Remarketing Businesses

Advantest Finance Inc. (AFI) changed its name to Advantest Pre-Owned Solutions Co., Ltd. (APO) in January 2022. Therewith, the company marked its transition from its leasing/rental business and sale of pre-owned (used) Advantest equipment to one which focuses on business including after-sale services as a part of the Field Service BU (FS BU). This has enabled us not only to respond to long delivery times for new products but also to propose and provide purchase/resale services as a complete solution. Despite recycling being a domestic Japan-only solution, we will continue to consider its global applications and expand our activities.

Advantest will contribute to our customer’s test capacity management together with FS BU. One stop shopping, quick upgrade and End-to-End test cell integration expert support will be provided for all Advantest products.

  • *
    Remarketing business: Business that puts second-hand goods back on the market ("remarket")

Advantest Named THE BEST Supplier of Chip Making Equipment and #1 ATE Supplier for 5th Consecutive Year by TechInsights

Advantest aims to grasp customer needs accurately and strives to provide customers with high-performance, high-quality total test solutions in a timely manner.

We make efforts to gain a better understanding of our customers' needs through information that we acquire from our daily business activities, and also through yearly participation in the customer satisfaction survey conducted by TechInsights, a company renowned for its semiconductor market research.

In the 2024 Customer Satisfaction Survey, Advantest captured the No.1 spot of global semiconductor companies for the fifth consecutive year. The company has also been named on the 10 BEST Suppliers list of large suppliers of test equipment for the 36th consecutive year. Advantest achieved high customer ratings in the areas of Partnering, Recommended Supplier, Trust in Supplier, Technical Leadership, Commitment, Support After Sales, and Product Performance and was the only ATE supplier to receive a five-star rating again this year.

Some reviews from our customers

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Innovation Initiatives

With the aim of "enabling leading-edge technologies," Advantest conducts research and development of fundamental technologies and products that will lead to greater value creation in the area of measurement technologies that support the semiconductor industry, the electronics industry, and the information and telecommunications industry. The results of these R&D activities contribute to the evolution of the semiconductor value chain on which our business is based on. In addition, we contribute to the realization of a safe, secure, and comfortable society by promoting the widespread use and social implementation of semiconductors with high performance and economic efficiency. Since R&D activities are a direct source of not only our own growth, but also of expanding our contribution to society, we have positioned R&D as an area of investment of utmost importance, and have invested a large amount of capital over the long term.

Summary of Innovation Initiatives

We wish to continue to be a company that provides high-value, world-class, state-of-the-art semiconductor test technology to all of our semiconductor customers. Our customers include many of the world's technology leaders, including the world's leading semiconductor manufacturers and IT companies, and their future success leads to the success of Advantest. On the other hand, in order to continue to create products and solutions that meet the high expectations of these customers, we must overcome a number of technological hurdles, which requires long-term, sustained, large-scale R&D management with a timeframe of 5 to 10 years. Our R&D management is based on a medium- to long-term roadmap, which is formulated based on the future technology needs and investment forecasts gathered through close communication with our customers, as well as market research on future technology trends and demand forecasts in the semiconductor-related market.

We are also engaged in developing new measurement solutions for medical devices and other applications outside the semiconductor value chain that leverage our electronic and optical measurement technologies.

Major basic technology developments in the most recent fiscal year

  • Development of optical semiconductor devices, light sources, and optical integrated circuits for optical measurement and collective optoelectronic device test systems
  • Development of sensor technology, algorithm technology, and application technology for ultra-sensitive magnetic measurement
  • Elemental technologies such as pin electronics, pattern and timing generation, and DC test resources for semiconductor and component test systems
  • Development of compound semiconductors such as low-distortion devices and high-speed, high-frequency devices for use in semiconductor and component test systems
  • Development of technologies that enable testing of next-generation protocols and optical signal interfaces, including multi-level transmission
  • Development of calibration methods capable of simultaneously adjusting the timing and waveform quality of ultra-high-speed signals with multiple pins
  • Development of data linkage and analysis methods throughout the semiconductor supply chain, from the design process to the test process

Expansion of Direct Contributions to the Realization of a Sustainable Society through Innovation

At Advantest, all products undergo a product environmental assessment. In addition, we are committed to incorporating the improvement of environmental performance, such as power consumption efficiency, into our R&D process for new products, in view of contributing to a decarbonized society. Our contribution to the realization of a sustainable society is therefore integrated with our business activities.

Test solutions appealing to diverse customer needs

V93000 Series

The requirements of today’s industry for even higher speeds, performance and pin counts means that test systems must offer greater functionality while maintaining low cost of test. With its scalable platform architecture, the V93000 tests a wide range of devices, from low cost IoT to high end, such as advanced automotive devices or highly integrated multicore processors. It also requires not only innovative technology, but also a system architecture with a long use-life, high scalability, and high investment efficiency.

The V93000 tests a wide range of devices, from low cost IoT to high end, such as advanced automotive devices or highly integrated multicore processors. Staying focused on the single scalable platform strategy, the V93000 is widely accepted at the leading IDMs, foundries and design houses. Outsourcing IDMs and fabless companies find V93000 test capacity installed in all leading OSATs worldwide.


Memory Test Systems

Since the 1990s, Advantest has continued to provide close technical support to customers developing cutting-edge technologies, and over the past 30 years, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and solid technical expertise in memory testing by seamlessly following the technological evolution of memory semiconductors. We have consistently established our position as a de facto standard in memory testing by enabling faster time-to-market for optimal test solutions, especially for high-end memory.

Memory Test System

Test Handlers

AI/HPC ICs require 2.5D/3D advanced packaging technologies to provide the high computing power necessary to generate, train and run data-intensive AI models. These ICs generate massive heat due to their high compute power, creating unique testing challenges. The new Advantest test handlers are designed to address these challenges and help contribute to the AI/HPC market growth.

Die-level Handler

Advantest Cloud Solutions™ (ACS)

With the aim of expanding and growing corporate value, Advantest is extending its solutions by enhancing test solutions and introducing new technologies. As an example, Advantest has been promoting Advantest Cloud Solutions™ (ACS), which integrates data generated through customers' semiconductor manufacturing processes with semiconductor testing data, which is then analyzed to generate new value.

The Advantest Cloud Solutions™ (ACS) ecosystem helps customers accomplish intelligent data-driven workflows. The ACS open solution ecosystem, a family of cloud-based products and services, is based on a single scalable data platform, which enables customers to develop or procure market-leading solutions from Advantest and its partners. Using these real-time machine learning, market-leading solutions, customers can automate turning insights into production actions in an easy-to-use and accessible way across the entire semiconductor value chain.

System Level Test Systems

As a new test solution, Advantest is developing products that support system level testing to guarantee the performance of the final product. While System Level and Burn-In tests are not new methodologies, both are gaining more momentum particularly for production test.


Fluorescence Detection System

The E5620During laparoscopic surgery, the fluorescence detection system, Lumifinder™ irradiates the observation site, to which a contrast agent (indocyanine green) has been administered in advance, with a near-infrared laser beam. The intensity of the resulting fluorescence is displayed numerically and graphically, providing quantitative data for better real-time decision-making. Fluorescence intensity spectrum waveforms and changes in intensity can also be observed. In addition, the Lumifinder™ can connect to the laparoscopic camera video signal, enabling medical staff to observe fluorescence while checking the laser irradiation position visually.

The Lumifinder™ is the first medical device Advantest has released in its approximately 70-year history (medical device approval number: 30500BZX00031000). It has been introduced at select medical institutions starting in 2023, and began offering the product on a lease basis to general medical institutions in Japan from April 2024. Please note that at present, it can only be used within Japan.

Fluorescence Detection System

External Collaboration

Advantest aims to contribute not only to semiconductor testing but also to the entire semiconductor value chain by promoting innovation through industry-academia collaborations and other external collaborations, as well as through human capital development initiatives.

In addition to the above, we have established "The Advantest D2T Research Division" at the Tokyo University Systems Design Lab (d.lab), with the aim of developing specialist in test design and supporting research activities for SoC (System on Chip) design.

Together with the University of Tokyo, Advantest has begun working on research and development of new, advanced system technologies from April 1, 2023 in the Research Association for Advanced System (abbreviated as RaaS, hereafter referred to as RaaS*1)" (Chairperson: Professor Tadahiro Kuroda, Director of the System Design Lab (d.lab) of the Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo). The six members of the cooperative, the University of Tokyo, Advantest, Toppan Inc., Hitachi Ltd., Mirise Technologies Corporation, and Japan’s RIKEN Scientific Research Institute, will work together to do R&D on a next-generation leading-edge semiconductor development platform that can be shared among the members.

  • *1
    An acronym of the Research Association for Advanced Systems. It advocates the provision of semiconductors not as components (products) but as core system knowledge (services), and reads “Raas”. It also stands for “research as a service".

Intellectual Property Initiatives

Basic Stance Toward Intellectual Property

The basic principles of Advantest's intellectual property management are compliance with intellectual property laws and regulations and respect for the intellectual property of third parties.

Organization of Intellectual Property Management

Advantest has established the following intellectual property management systems, and carries out appropriate intellectual property management in cooperation with business units in Japan, Germany and the U.S., which are our main development bases, Advantest Laboratory, and affiliates in each country.

The Intellectual Property Department conducts online meetings as necessary with intellectual property managers in Germany, the U.S., Singapore and China, and holds IP Strategic meetings twice a year with the IP Strategic Committee members to promote intellectual property activities in accordance with business unit, research and management plans.

The Patent Remuneration Committee consists of members in Japan, Germany and the U.S., and the members meet together to determine the Business Contribution Awards and the Prizes for Excellent Invention Awards every year.

The IP Strategic Committee is selected from among the various business units, laboratories and subsidiaries in Japan, Germany and the U.S., and formulates IP strategies linked to the business strategies.

Organization of intellectual property management
The Intellectual Property Department is responsible for the strategic acquisition, maintenance and management of intellectual property rights and the collection of technical information. The Patent Remuneration Committee and the IP Strategy Committee are established under the Intellectual Property Department. The Patent Remuneration Committee deliberates and decides on patent compensation and invention awards, and makes decisions on inventors' objections. The IP Strategy Committee formulates a patent application strategy linked to the business strategy.

Providing Information to the Management and the Business Units

The strength of Advantest is our state-of-the-art technological capabilities. Therefore, we believe protecting our intellectual property as the source of our competitiveness vital to persist as an enterprise. In recent years, Advantest has been working to protect and manage our intellectual property, as well as to leverage our and other companies' intellectual properties. For instance, Advantest promotes an IP landscape and provides information on intellectual property to the management and each business unit.

Intellectual Property Education

Advantest conducts education on intellectual property every year and strives to raise each employees' awareness of intellectual property.
In fiscal 2023, we conducted a two-day training, including a series of hands-on training, for new technical employees and mid-career employees to acquire knowledge on intellectual property necessary for engineers. In addition, as part of the Global Compliance Education Program launched in fiscal 2023, we provided intellectual property training on our ethical standards, stipulated under "14. Protection of Assets and Confidentiality" of The Advantest Way, for all employees of the Advantest Group via e-Learning.
As part of our Efforts Toward Social Contribution, we held classes and workshops for elementary school students to promote IP creation education. Please refer to "Community Activities" for details.

Implementation of the Advantest Technical Conference

With over 30 years of experience, Advantest has held annual technical conferences (in-house presentations and commemorative lectures).
In fiscal 2023, in addition to the conventional in-house presentations, we established an "Empathy Day" as a one-day pilot event to promote active interaction between engineers and non-engineers. The event imparted to us a viewpoint of Inclusion and Diversity where the audience participants and speakers were able to feel involved with technology.
These means of interaction faced many challenges in achieving its success, however, they contributed to the understanding of diverse perceptions. We hope to establish this event as a formal event in addition to the technical conferences in the future.

Disputes and Litigation Relating to Intellectual Property

As of March 31, 2024 there were no such disputes.

Responsible Sourcing

Cooperative relations with our business partners are the foundation of all our businesses. We value communication with our business partners, and maintain fair business dealings with them based on related laws and regulations.