ACS TE-Cloud™

One-stop Test Engineering Solution in the Cloud

Advantest's ACS TE-Cloud™ is a one-stop test engineering solution platform, offering a complete test development environment with an integrated set of software tools for V93000 test program development. These software tools are comprised of SmarTest, SmarTest Data Link (STDL) for EDA data conversion, TP360 test program quality software tools, a test IP Store and more.

ACS TE-Cloud™

ACS TE-Cloud™ is hosted in the cloud as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, which ensures that customers can have on-demand access from anywhere at any time. After login, users conveniently select the ready-to-use SmarTest machine image with the required SmarTest software release and launch the cloud-based virtual machine. No additional software package installation or license purchase is required. Customers simply use the integrated test program development environment and pay for usage on a flexible subscription basis.

Partnerships with third-party test engineering labs enable customers to remotely access V93000 testers from the ACS TE-Cloud™ for online debug and validation test, avoiding capital investment in on-site test equipment. Advantest's application engineers may, as permitted by the customer, access the virtual environment to provide consulting services right at the problem spot.

By offering flexible subscription plans, Advantest's ACS TE-Cloud™ gives customers convenient access to high-end ATE, without any upfront capital investment and with the ability to scale up and down capacity and functionality on demand. Furthermore, the ACS TE-Cloud™ also provides a ready-to-use one-stop service environment, with high-quality consulting services and a test engineering ecosystem that integrates qualified IC supply chain partners. Benefiting from the easy and quick access to engineering tools, test expertise and supply chain partners, customers can focus on their IC device designs, to accelerate the overall product development cycle.

ACS TE-Cloud

ACS TE-Cloud™ Feature Summary:

  • On-demand test program development environment
  • Remote online tester access
  • One-stop service platform
    • Access to Advantest support & consultancy
    • Access to qualified IC supply chain partners
    • Access to Advantest test engineering community

Customer Benefits:

  • Capex free and cost-effective PaaS subscription
    • avoids upfront investment and administration of test equipment and licenses
  • Complete and runtime-ready software bundles for test development and debug
    • no need to purchase or to install additional software packages
  • Ready to use on demand, anytime from everywhere
  • Quick access to Advantest support and test expertise
  • Easy remote access to tester resources at Advantest's and partners' labs