Group CEO Message

Advantest is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. At this important moment in our company's history, I can say with confidence that our long-standing success is a result of our dedication to understanding the needs of the market and the public. We provide solutions to our customers when they need them, with the highest quality and cost-effectiveness possible. As semiconductor devices continue to become more complex, our role in solving the challenges facing the semiconductor industry will only grow.

To meet these needs, we will continue to build relationships of trust with our customers and partners, embracing the ongoing challenge of innovation. In addition, to having a good strategy for success, it is important for us to further reinforce the corporate culture of honesty and integrity that we have worked so hard to build. I am convinced that by adapting promptly to the changes in our business environment and responding with sincerity, we can leverage our extensive customer base and global operational structure to provide value to all of our stakeholders.

On behalf of the Advantest Group, I renew our commitment to doing our very best for our customers, partners, shareholders, employees, communities, and our planet.

Douglas Lefever
Representative Director and Group CEO
Advantest Corporation

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