Device Certification Test Systems

These software solutions comprehensively perform tests of normal operation, error tests, and communication device analysis in actual usage environments.

Providing 5G, 4G Device Certification Test Solutions

Advances in the Wireless Telecom industry from 3G to 5G and beyond continue to drive a higher demand for smaller and more powerful devices from smart phones, wearable devices, to smart utility meters in our homes. Testing methodologies must continue to evolve to address the emerging complexity in functionalities and address cost challenges driven by pressures to lower overall cost of test and increased accuracy, while at the same time addressing new technical challenges such as those driven by advanced technology, increased functionality, and speed in wireless devices.

While System Level application and protocol tests are not new methodologies, they are gaining more momentum particularly for the lab test environment. To address these challenges, Advantest has developed a series of MLT™ solutions for 4G, 5G and IOT devices. Advantest works closely with Wireless Operators and OEMs to understand the specific test requirements, then leverages industry leading building blocks to ensure that each solution is fine-tuned to address those requirements.