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General Overview of Advantest

When was Advantest founded?

In December 1954, the company was founded as a specialized electronic measurement instruments manufacturer, Takeda Riken Co., Ltd. The number of employees at the outset was only three, including founder Ikuo Takeda, working in an office of 3 Tsubo and a workshop of 4 Tsubo.
Since then, Advantest has consistently established measurement as our main business field, and continues to develop and provide the cutting-edge technologies required by industry. For more information, please see our history.

Where does the name "Advantest" come from?

It is a coinage from "Advanced Test Technology." Originally, it was used for the brand name of our semiconductor test equipment to embody the image of an advanced technology development enterprise.
After that, the name of this brand became better known than Takeda Riken Co., Ltd., so to make our name more concise and high-tech, the company name was changed to Advantest Corporation in 1985.

What is Advantest's corporate mission?

Enabling leading-edge Technologies
In order to provide technologies, products and services that satisfy customers around the world, we are constantly studying how to best contribute to the development of society through cutting-edge technology development. See The ADVANTEST Way for our corporate ethics policy, including our management philosophy.

Does Advantest have a medium-term management plan?

What are Advantest's main management principles?

How does Advantest handle corporate governance?

Please see the corporate governance section of our website.

What firm provides Advantest's audits?

Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC

What are Advantest's business fields?

Semiconductor test equipment, semiconductor test peripherals, manufacturing and sales of inspection and measurement equipment related to semiconductor manufacturing, and services, are our main Our Technology In-Depth: Semiconductor Test. See our business fields or our Annual / Quarterly Securities Report .

What is semiconductor test equipment?

Semiconductors and electronic components use electricity. Therefore, by accurately measuring the electrical signals flowing through semiconductors and electronic components in various ways, we can comprehensively check the quality and the performance of these products. Advanced measurement systems designed to perform such verification operations in large volume and at high speeds are known as automated test equipment (ATE).
Today, tens of thousands of semiconductor test systems are operating on semiconductor and electronic component mass production lines around the world.

Does Advantest sell products to smartphone makers and automobile manufacturers?

Our main business is selling semiconductor and electronic component test and measurement systems, so semiconductor manufacturers and electronic component manufacturers are our primary customers.

What are Advantest's strengths?

We believe that our greatest strength is the high level of our technical and support capabilities. As a result, our customers place a high degree of trust in us.

Is Advantest a global company?

We acquired a No. 1 global share in 1985, and since then we have been constantly expanding our customer base in every area of the semiconductor market.
In recent years, a ratio of overseas sales of over 90% has not been uncommon, with customers principally centered in Asia.

Where are Advantest's key facilities in Japan and overseas?

Please see our Offices / Subsidiaries .

Can I tour Advantest's factories?

From the standpoint of confidentiality, we unfortunately do not allow it at present. However our manufacturing procedures can be viewed in our video The Art of Manufacturing at Gunma Factory .

Does Advantest issue an annual report?

From 2019, Advantest began publishing an Integrated Annual Report that includes not only financial information, but also non-financial information on our Grand Design, vision, management policy, business model, strategy, environment, society, governance, etc., providing a comprehensive overview of our corporate value.


When does Advantest's fiscal year end?

The fiscal year ends on March 31st.

When is Advantest's next earnings report?

Please see the IR calendar.

Where can I find past earnings reports?

Our IR library includes financial statements, securities reports, and presentation materials.

Where are Advantest's financial forecasts?

Please see the Earnings Forecast .

What are Advantest's past performance and major financial indicators?

Please see the Performance Highlights .

Can I download data on performance and major financial indicators?

You can download full-year/quarterly financial statements and key financial indicators, and full-year business segment/region data from our Performance Highlights in Excel format. Please click "Excel Download (all metrics)" at the lower right of the page.

Can I view materials from Advantest's results briefings?

You can view and listen to the contents of the Quarterly Financial Results, etc. briefings held for institutional investors and securities analysts. Audio recording are synchronized to slides including financial statements and presentation materials.
(Availability period: 12 months)

What are some of the risk factors affecting business performance?

Please see risk factors.

What is the impact of exchange rate fluctuations on performance?

Basically, yen depreciation vs the US dollar enhances profit, and yen depreciation vs the euro has a negative impact.
However, depending on the sales trends of key products, the impact of foreign exchange fluctuations on performance may vary. If you are looking for more information, please contact us via our inquiry form.


Where are Advantest's stocks listed?

On the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Advantest was also listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 2001, but was voluntarily delisted in 2016. However, our ADR (United States Depository Securities) program continues, and our ADRs are still traded on the United States OTC market.

When was the company listed?

We were listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 1983, changed to the first section in 1985 and transitioned to the Prime Market in 2022.

What is the ticker code?

Our securities code is 6857.
The ticker symbol for ADRs (United States Depository) is ATEYY.

What units are the stocks traded in?

100-share units.
ADRs (United States Depository) are traded as single stocks.

What is the status of major shareholders?

Please see share information.

Who is the manager of Advantest's shareholder register?

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation.

What are the procedures for changing the address of a shareholder, requests to purchase, etc.?

Please contact the securities company where you have an account.
Please note that the shareholder registry manager (Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation) does not handle these issues.

What is a special account?

Shares that were not managed in a securities company account prior to the digitization of stock certificates (so-called stock certificates and non-possession notification shares, etc.) are recorded in special accounts established by the company after the digitization of shares in order to preserve shareholder rights. Since stocks held in special accounts cannot be sold as-is, we recommend that you move them to a securities company account in your name.

Who can I contact regarding shares held in a special account?

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation
Corporate Agency Division

1-1, Nikkocho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo 183-0044, Japan
TEL: +81-42-303-9800
0120-232-711 (Toll free number in Japan)

Who can I contact regarding ADR (United States Depository securities)?

JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.
383 Madison Avenue, Floor 11
New York, New York 10179, U.S.A.

Please click the following link to view informaton:

I would like to inquire about the status of Verigy shares that I have held in the past.

Please use our inquiry form.

Shareholders General Meeting

When will the next annual general meeting of shareholders be held?

The annual general meeting of shareholders is held in June every year.
For details about the general meeting of shareholders, such as dates and locations, please refer to the convocation notice sent out in early June, or to shareholders' meeting.

I am unable to attend the general meeting of shareholders, so how can I exercise my voting rights?

You can exercise your voting rights in two ways:

  1. 1.
    Fill out and return the voting right exercise form.
  2. 2.
    Access the voting website.

Can I view the presentation materials of the general meeting of shareholders?

Please see shareholders' meeting.

Distribution & Dividends

What is Advantest's policy regarding shareholder returns? What are Advantest's recent dividend trends and latest dividend forecasts?

Please refer to dividends & returns.

Is there a shareholder benefit plan?


How many times are dividends paid per year?


When is the ex-dividend date?

The interim ex-dividend date is September 30 and the year-end ex-dividend date is March 31.

When do I have to purchase stock by to obtain dividend rights?

To receive dividends, it is necessary to be registered on the list of shareholders on or before the date of record. The date of record (the last day with rights to dividends) will be three business days prior to the ex-dividend date, but the date of record may differ depending on your securities company.
Please check with the securities company you are dealing with.

When is the dividend payment date?

Interim dividends are scheduled to be paid in early December and year-end dividends are scheduled to be paid in early June.

What are the ways of receiving dividends?

There are four ways to receive dividends:

  • Proportional Distribution of Shares method (posted to your account at a securities company)
  • Registered Dividend Receipt Account method (paid to your bank account (1 account))
  • Dividend Receipt method (receive a dividend receipt sent to the shareholder at the post office and get paid in cash)
  • Individual stock Designation Method (receipt by bank account specified by each symbol).

If there is no particular designation, we will use the Dividend Receipt method. If you wish to use any other method, please check with your brokerage firm.

How do I change my method of dividend payment?

Please check with your brokerage firm.

What happens if I don't receive my dividend receipt?

Please contact Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation.

Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation
Corporate Agency Division
1-1, Nikkocho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo 183-0044, Japan
TEL: +81-42-303-9800
0120-232-711 (Toll free number in Japan)

The deadline for receiving dividends has passed. What should I do?

Please bring your dividend receipt to Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation.
After three years from the start date of payment, dividends may not be received due to the lapse of the qualification period.