Device Interface

Providing flexible, dependable services for device interface design, development, ordering, production, and support.

The importance of the device interface has greatly increased, as high speed, high density semiconductor devices are more rapidly developed, and as customers more severely demand high accuracy, high reliability, and high productivity of testing. At the same time, new and evolving technologies such as At-Speed test, BIST, and high-power/high-speed test, are creating new challenges and changing the test landscape. To address these new test requirements, Advantest has developed a suite of new interface products and solutions and now offers these in tandem with its traditionally available HiFIX, change kits, and custom performance boards. Driven by user demand, Advantest is continually enhancing its device interface support network, and stands at the ready to serve a diverse and growing marketplace. Advantest continues to work closely with customers, offering new solutions, fast and timely product delivery, and low costs that meet changing market demands.

Global Support

By efficient, centralized management of the engineers at our overseas subsidiaries, Advantest provides customers with flexible support related to design resources. We also succeed in smooth delivery of products with the help of AMY, our manufacturing subsidiary in Malaysia.

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D:Design M:Manufacture D M D M D M D M D M D M D M
HiFIX - - - - - - -
Change kit - - - - - -
Performance Board - - - -

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Δ:Conditional design and manufacturing role

-:Neither design nor manufacturing role