Test Cell Integration Services

Time and complexity are critical elements in determining how to set up the most efficient test cell

For a new product introduction, a quick production environment setup is essential to time-to-volume. Advantest's test cell integration services address the setup to seemly integrate systems into your MES.

Smart Setup Wizard

Smart Setup Wizard provides a graphical user interface to guide engineers through standard setup procedures, and collect digital numeric values from the sensors embedded in the docking interface and verification tools to enable traceability for system to system correlation to achieve repeatability and reproducibility.


Watch the ECOTS video

With Advantest's ECOTS operating system, users have an easy and convenient interface solution at their fingertips that provide a series of configurable features for semiconductor engineering and high-volume manufacturing.


Watch the VGEM video

High volume manufacturing requires the complex integration of multiple manufacturing environments. Virtual GEM (or "VGEM") is Advantest's automation interface which uses industry standard SECS/GEM protocol. This interface solution integrates our test equipment into a factory running SECS/GEM automation.