Sockets and Thermal Control Units

Pioneering custom solutions and mastering technological challenges

Customers operating in today's fast-paced technological landscape often grapple with intricate requirements and tight schedules.

Advantest is proficient in custom engineering and manufacturing, maintaining the key to tackling these challenges. By drawing on the skill and experience of industry veterans across multiple disciplines - engineers, researchers, developers, machinists, assemblers, and quality personnel - We can meet complex customer needs with precision and efficiency. This blend of experience and collaboration results in optimized processes and cost-effective results delivered on time.

Your one-stop shop for tailored engineering solutions and streamlined supply chain management

Companies requiring tailored solutions for specific, often complex needs will find our custom-engineered solutions invaluable. Advantest's skilled engineers and developers can design and manufacture products that precisely meet customers' unique specifications.

With a diverse product range, Advantest can act as a one-stop solution for customers, simplifying supply chain management and reducing the need for multiple vendors. The product range includes ATE/SLT/ENG test sockets, thermal control units, printed circuit boards (PCBs), actuation systems, interconnects, factory fixtures, and test hardware.

Advantest's suite of services and products, backed by a team of experienced professionals and the support of a global leader, addresses the multifaceted challenges faced by technology and electronics companies. Whether our customers need a custom-engineered thermal control unit, a test socket solution for a new semiconductor, or an optimized factory fixture design, our solutions are tailored to meet specific needs efficiently, effectively, and timely.

  • NPI/NPD Support
  • Custom Test Socket/Interconnect and Thermal Solution Design
  • Leading Edge Manufacturing
  • High Volume Assembly
  • In-House Quality and Development Test Capabilities
  • Highly Customized Products

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Sockets and Interconnect Solutions

Custom, High-Performance Solutions

Advantest, with its extensive experience in various stages of testing and characterization, is adept at handling the most advanced semiconductors, test hardware, board-to-board, and automated connection cells.

The knowledge and skills gained from working with these advanced technologies are channeled into creating customer-centric solutions. These include specialized socket and interconnect solutions widely used in Automated Test Equipment (ATE), System-Level Test (SLT), and various engineering applications. Key areas where our solutions make a difference are in the highly integrated, High-Power Computing segments, including CPU, Server, GPU, Artificial Intelligence, and System on a Chip (SOC) applications.

At Advantest, we uphold stringent testing standards. Our comprehensive reliability testing covers operating cycles and critical functional parameters, such as force, contact resistance, and deflection. This diligent approach ensures that each component can withstand various challenges in its working environment.

Our analytical lab, equipped with the most advanced inspection and measurement tools, is dedicated to delivering the highest levels of performance and accuracy. These state-of-the-art resources are leveraged to validate our solutions and maintain our unwavering commitment to quality.

Moreover, we understand that high-volume production environments pose unique challenges. Hence, only those solutions that pass our rigorous tests and meet the exacting needs of such environments receive our seal of approval. This diligent vetting process signifies our commitment to ensuring our solutions are well-suited for real-world applications, delivering reliability and performance when our customers need it most.

The range of solutions includes:
  • HVM-proven socket solutions for LGA, BGA, and other packages
  • Custom proprietary "Titan" family of spring probes
  • Low inductance pin options
  • Full height impedance controlled coaxial technology
  • Hybrid/Partial impedance controlled coaxial technology
  • High current carrying probe options
  • PoP package dual-side contact solutions
  • Capital equipment solution integration

Advantest's Advanced Facility: Delivering Global Solutions

Advantest takes pride in its state-of-the-art mechanical fabrication facility, one of the most advanced in North America. Our dedicated teams operate around the clock, staying responsive to the ever-evolving global demands. Our operational model prioritizes flexibility, allowing us to adapt swiftly to our clients' distribution needs and market changes.

All our proprietary production processes fall under a comprehensive, fully auditable ISO framework to ensure the utmost quality. Furthermore, our facility is equipped with highly automated tools designed for uninterrupted operation, ensuring our capability to accommodate flexible manufacturing.

Our robust facility and dynamic operations not only facilitate efficiency but also guarantee adherence to quality standards. At Advantest, we are committed to delivering excellence, and our advanced mechanical fabrication facility is a testament to this promise.

Harmonized Blend of Tools and Capabilities

  • State-of-the-art 5 axis simultaneous CNC Mills
  • Turning and screw machines
  • Electric discharge machining (EDM)
  • Fused deposition modeling (FDM)
  • Custom tooling for increased parallelism
  • "Lights out" production capable
  • In-House high-volume assembly and test
  • Factories for sockets and thermal control units located in Fremont, California, and Phoenix, Arizona

Thermal Control Solutions

As we journey deeper into the technological revolution, we observe an increasing trend toward the integration of multiple functions into a single package or device. It's now commonplace for devices to incorporate silicon die, embedding compute, memory, communication, and other functions into one package. This level of integration escalates the power requirements of these devices, often reaching hundreds, if not thousands of watts.

Addressing these escalating thermal challenges is a critical element of test technology across all stages - engineering debug/characterization, Automated Test Equipment (ATE), and System-Level Test (SLT). As these power demands continue to grow, so does the need for test technology to effectively manage these increasing thermal demands.

At Advantest, we understand these challenges and are fully equipped to provide test solutions that enable seamless device operation, even at these high-power levels. We offer a comprehensive suite of thermal solutions tailored to meet the varying needs of devices, ranging from basic passive heat sinks to the most cutting-edge active thermal control solutions currently available.

Our approach to technology development is holistic; we have advanced our thermal solutions concurrently with our state-of-the-art socket solutions, ensuring a comprehensive, single-source solution for our customers, which includes support for leading-edge thermal requirements.

Our offerings also encompass application-specific designs, which can be seamlessly integrated into manual test solutions and semi-automatic solutions. We also offer highly customized designs intended for integration into capital equipment environments.

Advantest is committed to addressing the multifaceted thermal challenges posed by the modern technological landscape. With our varied and innovative solutions, customers can confidently navigate their unique thermal requirements, ensuring optimal performance across a wide range of applications.

Advanced Active Thermal Control for the most demanding environments

The new "Cobalt" range is the second generation of technology that introduces a unique patented technology. Key features include:

  • Unrivalled highly efficient thermal response with thermo-electric cooler, liquid and heater-assisted technologies
  • Distributed force loading between the die and substrate that prevents silicon cracking
  • Small footprints with excellent test interface connectivity
  • Integrated vacuum pickup
  • Condensation abatement delivering superb cold test capabilities
  • Test interface connectivity
  • Modular construction facilitating rapid customization to a wide range of packages
  • Robust and reliable, with minimum use-cycles into the hundreds of thousands