Power Regulation Module (PRM)

Power Regulation Module

PRM is a compact module that stabilizes power supply voltage fluctuation. By placing the PRM near the Device, improve the load regulation of the power supply.

  • PRM location

  • Power Intergrity

PRM Specification

PARAMETER Specification
Output Voltage +0.45 to +2.00V
Output Current 0 to 2 A
Output Voltage accuracy DPS Voltage accuracy ±5mV
Leakage Current ±15µA
Load Regulation ±10mV (ΔI=0.5A, CL=200µF)
Supply voltage range VCC: +4.5 to +5.0V VEE: -4.5 to -5.0V
Power supply Current ICC: +30mA max. IEE: -30mA max.
Power consumption Load Current 2A: 700mW max.
No Load: 300mW max.
Size 10.5mm × 17mm × 5mm