SoC Test System

The Single Scalable Test Platform

In the age of IoT, 5G and artificial intelligence, more than half of all the microchips manufactured in the world are tested by our equipment. As the industry's leading manufacturer of automated test systems for semiconductor devices, we continuously revolutionize market standards and enable customers to shape their digital future.

Our V93000 platform addresses the latest industry challenges and enables applications like Artificial Intelligence (AI) & High-Performance Compute (HPC), medical devices, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), making the world safer, faster and our lives easier.

Thanks to the platform's scalability and compatibility over multiple generations, V93000 is future proof and saves cost. The all-in-one platform covers a variety of different solutions like RF, digital, power and analog.


Large Installed Base

Staying focused on the single scalable platform strategy, Advantest has developed a significant installed base of V93000 test systems in both engineering and high-volume manufacturing. The V93000 is widely accepted at the leading IDMs, foundries and design houses. Outsourced IDMs and fabless companies find the V93000's test capacity installed in all major OSATs worldwide.

Advantest Provides the Solution

As technology moves into the era of exascale computing, extreme test challenges arise in the areas of performance, cost-of-test, quality and time-to-volume. The EXA Scale provides cutting-edge innovations to address these challenges.

V93000 EXA Scale - The New Generation

The V93000 EXA Scale™ SoC Test Systems are targeted at advanced digital ICs up to the exascale performance class. The EXA Scale generation of the V93000 provides solutions that enable new test methodologies to meet the challenges of these advanced digital devices and deliver lower Cost-of-Test (CoT) and faster Time-to-Market (TTM).

Today's most advanced semiconductor processes allow for technology transformations that enable real-time integration of data from a countless number of sources such as IoT and handheld devices, automobiles and large servers to name a few. As mobile processors, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) processors, high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) ICs evolve, the amount of data being processed and the device power requirements continues to grow exponentially. Along with these advancements, new testing challenges, including exploding scan-data volumes, extreme power requirements, fast yield-learning, high pin-count, and high-multisite configurations need to be addressed. Advantest's new V93000 EXA Scale generation addresses these challenges with innovative advancements on the proven V93000 architecture.

The V93000 EXA Scale system employs Advantest's patented Xtreme Link technology, a communication network designed specifically for automatic test equipment (ATE). The technology provides high-speed data connections, embedded computing power, and instant card-to-card communication.

Advantages and Benefits

Platform scalability enables outstanding device portfolio coverage and provides CoT advantages in one single scalable test platform
  • The widest range of compatible tester configurations, that scale from small footprint engineering systems to very high pin count wafer sort and final test systems for high volume manufacturing (HVM),
  • The broadest application coverage in the industry, from High Performance Compute (HPC) & AI, to mobile & RF, to automotive & industrial.
Compatibility across tester generations maximizes test capacity utilization and investment protection of test hardware
  • Probe card and device-under-test (DUT) boards, and test programs can be utilized across V93000 generations to provide:
    • Fast qualification and transition to new capabilities
    • Flexibility to efficiently utilize available test capacity
    • Investment protection for test hardware (systems, instruments, probe cards and final test interface hardware) and test engineering infrastructure, knowledge and training
Integration technology leadership driving ATE Innovation through Moore’s Law
  • The innovative test processor-per-pin and environment friendly water-cooled architecture, which has endured over four generations of the V93000 is delivering industry leading pin density, reliability, and measurement stability & repeatability of digital, analog and RF instruments.
  • Providing superior solutions that are optimized for performance and throughput

EXA Scale Portfolio

EXA Scale Portfolio

New EXA Scale High Performance Instruments

Pin Scale 5000

  • Fastest general purpose ATE pin
  • Deepest vector memory available on the market
  • Best-in-class universal pin

Pin Scale Multilevel Serial

  • Fully-integrated, fully-fledged HSIO ATE with Multilevel
  • Deep vector memory for data applications
  • Characterization and HVM feature set for HSIO

Link Scale

  • Enabling software-based functional test and SCAN
  • Correlation and test content exchange with SLT
  • High speed SCAN data transfer through USB or PCIe

DC Scale XPS256

  • Scales from mA to >> 1000A
  • Best accuracy and dynamic response
  • Revolutionary probe needle protection

DC Scale XPS128+HV

  • Covers high voltage applications from -10V to +24V
  • Best accuracy & dynamic response for power/analog
  • Full channel compatibility to XPS256/XPS128

DC Scale XHC32

  • Ultra high-power density with unlimited ganging
  • Enables very high pin-count digital + DPS configurations
  • Enhanced protection features preventing damage to DUT and needles/sockets

The Ultimate Choice in Scalability

Scalable solutions extend across test heads of different sizes, including the ability to test a mix of device functions, like digital, RF, analog and power on one test system.

Compatibility Across the Whole Platform

The V93000 EXA Scale generation renews Advantest`s commitment to platform compatibility. Existing V93000 load boards and instruments from the previous Smart Scale generation are compatible, supporting a smooth transition to the V93000 EXA Scale generation and best asset utilization. With the continued use of the proven SmarTest software, customers benefit from the installed base software infrastructure and tooling.

The V93000 single scalable platform offers a full range of compatible tester classes, from the smallest CX-class to the largest LX-class to maximize your return-on-investment. The class determines the possible size of the configuration, allowing users to fit the size and performance of the tested device. All features and performance points are available in all classes.

All card types fit in all test heads, which provide the same power, cooling and computer interfacing to each card, independent of tester size. DUT boards can be exchanged, as well as test programs. The scalable design is a key capability to enable outstanding device portfolio coverage and test cost advantages in one single test platform.

DUT Scale Duo

In today's testing environments, the number of devices that can be tested in parallel is often limited by the component space on the probe card or DUT board. With fast-growing market segments including automotive, mobile and RF devices trending toward higher site counts, the need for more space on DUT boards for IC testing is becoming critical. In addition, leading-edge wafer probers and final-test handlers require more area on printed circuit boards to provide the most cost-efficient solutions, from single wafer touch-down capabilities in wafer probing to massively parallel final testing.
Advantest offers the industry's first DUT interface enabling to switch between two different DUT board sizes. Using a unique sliding mechanism, users can effortlessly switch back and forth between both formats to serve specific application requirements.

This revolutionary interface increases the usable space on DUT boards and probe cards by 50 percent or more while wafer probe and final-test set ups can accommodate component heights over three times taller.
DUT Scale Duo can also be configured to achieve superior deflection performance in direct-probing set ups.


SmarTest 8 is the core software solution for the V93000 single scalable platform. Based on Linux and Eclipse, the software is a complete operating system designed, implemented and supported by Advantest.

Matching the highly advanced V93000 hardware capabilities, SmarTest 8 delivers highly flexible and interactive user interfaces. Designed for optimized throughput, the SmarTest 8 work center provides the user access to all of the system capabilities for test program development, characterization and production test environments.

The test program development environment enables full interactive debug from test flow down to operating sequences and individual measurements using the fully interactive instrument and debug views. This environment is specially designed to meet the challenging test specifications, time to market and cost of test criteria for semiconductor devices.

It enables a fast transition to high-volume manufacturing with a full suite of characterization, test cell integration and operator interface tooling. The user environment is based on RedHat Linux, Eclipse IDE and a Java-based programming interface. To optimize scalability, SmarTest 8 incorporates a flexible licensing structure for balancing system capabilities, performance and economics.


The increasing complexity of integrated circuits (ICs), heightened power needs, higher power accuracy standards by lower VDD levels, expanded vector memory requirements, support for functional test operations, and cost of test considerations presents a multifaceted landscape of challenges for semiconductor test. Successfully navigating these challenges requires innovative approaches, collaborative efforts, and a commitment to advancing test methodologies to meet the evolving demands of the semiconductor industry.

With our digital solution, we offer a turnkey solution and expertise on socket, handling solution and load board design.

We are a market leader in digital solutions, providing exceptional power accuracy, power per system, and the most advanced per pin electronics in terms of speed. Our XPS256, XHC32, Pin Scale 5000 and Link Scale prepare us for future challenges posed by applications like AI, HPC and mobile.


The rapidly evolving wireless communications industry is challenging today’s RF solutions. Cost- of-Test and Time-to-Quality are the main drivers for RF ATE solutions to provide high parallelism and high performance as well as massive multi-site capabilities.

The V93000 Wave Scale RF (WSRF) solution addresses these requirements for RF and millimeter wave applications including Cellular 5G / 5G Advanced / NR RedCap, WiFi 6/6E/7, UWB, Bluetooth, GPS, ZigBee, WiGig, Sparklink and many other upcoming standards, across all device types, including transceivers, power amplifiers, modules and RF-SOCs.

Utilizing an advanced architecture with independent RF subsystems, based on the V93000 innovative test processor-per-pin and additional custom RF ICs, WSRF provides the necessary RF performance while offering massive parallel testing. The WSRF instrument front-end, which uses a combination of splitter and switch at its output, brings together the best of both worlds - high precision serial measurements and high throughput parallel measurements - for both transmit and receive. In addition, the environment friendly water-cooled architecture contributes to delivering industry leading RF port density, reliability, and measurement stability & repeatability for an ATE RF instrument.

The V93000 EXA Scale with its industry leading broad suite of instruments, is uniquely positioned to meet the test challenges of these integrated RF-SoC devices.

Power & Analog

New challenges such as ADAS integration, precise battery cell monitoring & balancing, and enhanced safety features are demanding for cutting-edge microprocessors, sensors, and battery management system (BMS) chips. These ICs have unique requirements for testing and characterization. V93000 EXA Scale can test these chips due to its scalable, flexible configuration and universal instrumentation.

The AVI64, FVI16 and PowerMUX instruments further expand the usage of the single scalable V93000 test platform with uncompromised features such as high-density instrumentation enabling cost efficient parallel testing as well as universal per pin architecture. The floating design of the instruments enables testing of high- and low-side power structures, and the fully pattern-based operation maximizes the test throughput.

The V93000 power and analog solution offers a set of instruments to address the diverse test needs for power, analog and controller ICs. With high density cards, universal features and precision force and measurement capabilities, the power and analog solution enables leading CoT savings at high site count testing.