MASK MVM-SEM® E3600 series


Together with the miniaturization of semiconductors, high-accurate and stable measurement and evaluation is needed for circuit patterns such as mask patterns and holes. Advantest's E3600 series are used by a wide variety of companies, from semiconductor manufacturers to photomask makers to device and materials producers.

Multi Vision Metrology Scanning Electron Microscope

In addition to its high-functionality CD-SEM features, the E3630 makes 3D imaging and measurement at the nanometer level, in real time and in a non-destructive way, possible. The E3630 significantly contributes to reducing TAT in R&D and production for many processes that require high-precision and/or 3D analysis.

  • High-speed, high-precision pattern measurement at the nm level
  • 3D topography imaging
  • Imaging of sample surface irregularities
  • Automatic critical dimension measurement of complex circuit patterns
  • Measurement and imaging of MEMS, nano-imprint lithography, and various insulating materials
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