Terahertz Spectroscopic / Imaging System TAS7500 Series


Terahertz Spectroscopic System for spectroscopic analysis of chemical substances, pharmaceutical products, etc.

  • Four interchangeable measurement modules enable diverse analysis functions
  • Supports measurement of specimens in liquid, solid, and powder forms
  • Easy module switching requires no adjustments
  • Attached dry air unit eliminates moisture interference
Supported measurement modules (Option) Transmission / reflection / ATR / transmittance polarization analysis
Target materials Pharmaceutical tablets / liquids / powders, other reagents, chemical substances
Analysis / display functions Spectral display (transmission rate, Reflection rate, ATR, phase difference, absorption ratio, absorption coefficient, complex refractive index, complex permittivity), time response display (electric field strength), quantitative analysis (optional)
Frequency range 0.1-4THz (at 23°C ±5°C)
Scan rate <8ms / scan