AAI Milestones


  • Advantest introduced the world's first high-speed logic test system operating at 100 MHz compared with the then available 10-20 MHz systems.


  • Advantest's T3998 became the first 8-device parallel test handler in the industry.
  • Advantest achieved the industry's fastest, most efficient and most cost-effective memory testing by introducing high speed T5381 100 MHz parallel tester with an integrated handling capability.
  • Advantest introduced its E-beam System for testing of silicon in initial fabrication, pre-production stages of manufacture, and moving the concept of testing to the "front-end" of the silicon cycle.
  • Advantest introduced the T6682 VLSI test system, the industry's first 1 GHz high performance VLSI logic test system.


  • Advantest introduced the T6691, the first universal 500 MHz / l GHz tester for high-performance characterization.
  • Advantest debuted the new small-footprint, low-cost T3316 Parallel Logic Test System, a cost-effective test solution for meeting the high-volume demands of the 8-bit and 16-bit micro controller markets.
  • Advantest introduced its new generation of logic testers, the T6600 series, designed with Advantest's groundbreaking implementation of CMOS technology.
  • Advantest introduced the first of its new generation of memory testers, the T5581 250 MHz Memory Test System, is the industry's fastest production tester for state-of-the-art devices such as SSRAMs and SDRAMs.
  • Advantest introduced the T6671 E, the industry's lowest cost, full-featured 125/250 MHz VLSI test system targeted at high pin count logic and mixed signal devices.
  • Advantest introduced the T5591 memory tester, capable of at-speed 1 GHz / 500 MHz testing of ultra-high-speed memory devices, including synchronous DRAMs using SLDRAM and RDRAM device protocols.
  • Advantest introduced the T6682 VLSI test system, the industry's first 1 GHz high performance VLSI logic test system.
  • Advantest's T5585 high-speed memory test system for DDR-SDRAM and SSRAM offered the capability for simultaneous testing of 128 devices at 500 MHz.
  • Advantest introduced the T6672, the performance leader in its class for high-volume production testing of ASIC and SOC devices.
  • Advantest's T5371 70 MHz test solution for flash memory test became the industry's dominant flash tester for back-end processing.


  • Advantest began shipment of its T5592 tester for mass production of Direct Rambus DRAM. The T5592 simultaneously tests 64 devices at 1.066 GHz.
  • Advantest introduced its T5375 test system for high-throughput testing of 300 mm front-end DRAMs and high-speed back-end flash memories.
  • Advantest debuted its T6600 family of SoC test solutions, offering cross platform compatibility in systems from entry level to high speed production.
  • Advantest's T5771 flash memory test system gave the industry a high-throughput solution for flash memory wafer test.
  • Advantest listed on the NYSE under ‘ATE’.
  • Advantest's M4541AD dynamic test handler for SoC and other high-end logic devices offered parallel test of up to eight devices, testing up to 6,000 devices per hour.
  • Advantest's CertiMAX broke new ground in silicon design validation by allowing design data to be used directly on the tester without vector or timing translation.
  • Advantest was a founding member of the Semiconductor Test Consortium (STC) - the first international, industry-wide collaboration aimed at reducing test costs of complex logic devices, such as systems-on-chip (SoCs).
  • Advantest launched the T5593 and M6542AD test cell, the industry's first comprehensive low-cost, high-precision back-end testing solution for DDR2-SDRAM, a next-generation double-data-rate (DDR) memory technology.
  • The Semiconductor Test Consortium (STC) was incorporated as a nonprofit organization, and the STC released the first draft of the specifications for OPENSTAR™, the Open Semiconductor Test Architecture.
  • Advantest introduced the T2000 Series - the world's first line of automated test equipment compliant with the OPENSTAR™ specification.
  • Advantest introduced the T5377 memory test system, the industry's first memory tester capable of testing up to 256 memory devices simultaneously.
  • Advantest launched the Advantest Self Service Portal (ASSP), an e-Business suite of online tools and services, which enable customers to receive information, service and support in a timely, efficient and secure manner.
  • Advantest Corporation celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding.
  • Advantest America establishes 2nd R&D Center in Santa Clara to focus on SoC ATE development.