ACS Edge™

High Performance Computing at the Edge of Test

Advantest's ACS Edge™ is a high performance and highly secure edge compute and analytics solution enabling ultra-fast algorithmic AI decision-making with millisecond latencies during test execution.

ACS Edge™ connects to your test equipment via a private high- speed encrypted link. Users develop machine learning or other compute-intensive applications which operate near real-time on data generated by tests in the test program. These applications are wrapped in an Open Container Initiative (OCI) - compliant container simplifying global distribution and management while hardening them against compute environment changes. At program load time, the applications are pulled securely from the Advantest Container Hub onto the ACS Edge™. During program execution, the appropriate test and/or feature data is encrypted, sent to ACS Edge™, processed by the algorithm(s) with the results returned to the test program. At lot end, production programs safely and securely remove all data and analytics IP. Users can track, manage, and secure all containers from the cloud, and on-demand access is provided to test data from other test insertions through application programming interfaces (APIs) with built-in forward and backward data feed capabilities.

With ACS Edge™, users can offload demanding workloads from the ATE host controller yet execute them much more quickly than would be possible on the host controller, and with much lower latency than a cloud solution. The unburdened host controller is freed to be devoted to test execution control, thus increasing overall equipment efficiency (OEE). ACS Edge™ enables true adaptive test, permitting real-time adjustments to test program flow and limits. Product quality is enhanced while simultaneously focusing test asset utilization where and when it is needed.

ACS Edge™ Feature Summary:

  • Dedicated high performance compute solution for test operations
  • Highly secure data and algorithm management
  • OCI containerized applications for robust and reliable production deployment
  • API access to test data from other test insertions

Customer Benefits:

  • Enabling new use cases:
    Yield learning, dynamic limits, tiered binning, cost optimization, dynamic test flow control, smart debug
  • Single scalable solution across ATE, fleets, floors, and sites
  • True real-time adaptive test
  • Faster execution of compute-intensive algorithmic workloads
  • Improved OEE by minimized demands on ATE host controller