Memory Test System

New test system optimized for use with a multi-wafer prober, for non-volatile memory ICs

The T5230 is a memory test system that supports wafer test and wafer burn-in test of non-volatile memory devices such as NAND flash, housed within a multi-wafer prober to reduce test floor footprint.

Dramatically reduces test cost and improves throughput for NAND and other non-volatile memory devices, which are increasing in capacity

T5230 memory test system for NAND/NVM devices adopts a combined array architecture to achieve best-in-class cost-of-test performance for wafer test, including wafer-level burn-in (WLBI) and built-in self-test (BIST). The system can perform on-wafer test of 1,024 memory devices per test head in parallel, delivering high productivity and enabling floor space savings of up to 86%. Multiple test cells are connected per system controller in the T5230, allowing independent wafer test of each test cell. The test cells can be stored in a general multi-wafer prober while minimizing the test cell floor space, and the tester can be docked with probers in both linear and multi-stack configurations. For functional tests at a maximum test rate of 125MHz/250Mbps, the T5230 assures high timing accuracy, repeatability, and failure detection capability.

Advanced hardware and high-speed data transmission capability

As the capacity of 3D NAND devices increases, increased amounts of data output as test results have become harder to contend with. To offset the effects of these increases in data processing time, the T5230 delivers higher data transfer speeds. As a result, test times can be further shortened and throughput is improved over previous products.

Preserves compatibility with previous memory test systems

The T5230 uses Future Suite, an operating system for memory test systems that has a proven track record as the global standard. High compatibility with older systems provides users with a seamless transition from previous generations of equipment.

Target Devices NAND Flash, Other NVM, Wafer-Level Burn-In
Parallel Testing 1536
Test Speed 125MHz/250Mbps
Software FutureSuite OS