Memory Test System

Highly flexible tester which has all of the capabilities needed to perform wafer sorting and final testing of price-sensitive flash memories

As portable applications are booming, the global market for flash-memory test systems is projected to continuously grow. Cost-effectively testing these non-volatile memories requires a versatile platform to enable a high return on investment (ROI) and reduce users' financial risk.

The highly flexible T5830 tester has all of the capabilities needed to perform wafer sorting and final testing of price-sensitive flash memories. It uses a scalable, built-in high-current programmable power supply (PPS) architecture that provides the flexibility and economic performance to handle low-pin-count to high-pin-count devices. The system also leverages Advantest's innovative Tester-per-Site™ design. This allows each site to operate independently, enabling very fast test times and lowering the overall cost of test.

With an operating frequency of 400 MHz, the tester is capable of handling data transfer rates of up to 800 megabits per second (Mbps). In addition, the T5830 can handle up to 2,304 devices under test (DUTs) at one time when configured with four digital pins.

With these features, Advantest's new tester is ideally suited for handling a wide range of devices including NOR and NAND flash memories that use the standard serial peripheral interface (SPI) protocol, low-pin-count flash devices such as smart cards and single in-line memories (SIM), electrically erasable programmable read-only memories (EEPROMs) and other embedded flash devices.

The T5830 tester is available in both production and engineering models, making the system applicable for qualification testing as well as high-volume production. It is built on the same platform and uses the same FutureSuite™ software as all other members of the T58xx product line. This enhances the system's reliability and provides modular upgradeability.

Target Devices NOR Flash, NAND Flash
Parallel Testing Wafer sort: 2,304 (x4pin)
Final test: 768
Test Speed Up to 800Mbps
Overall Timing Accuracy ±350ps
Software FutureSuite OS (ATL and MPAT compatible)