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Dec 5, 2016 Products

M4872 System is Designed with a Common Change Kit to Meet Customers’ Needs for Greater Flexibility and Higher Performance

TOKYO, Japan – December 5, 2016 – Leading semiconductor test equipment supplier Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857) has introduced its M4872 pick-and-place handler to improve productivity in testing system-on-chip (SoC) devices in high-volume manufacturing (HVM) and device characterization pre-production environments.  This helps users to keep pace with the rapidly changing SoC market and quickly adapt to changes in device technology.

The new handler matches all of the leading-edge performance specifications of its predecessor, the M4871 handler, including throughput of up to 15,000 units per hour, in a footprint that is approximately 10 percent smaller. The portable M4872 handler has advanced vision-alignment capabilities and can accommodate an optional active thermal control system.

The vision alignment-equipped M4872 incorporates a common change kit, which saves time and money as well as helps to safeguard devices under test from potentially damaging package. Using a common change kit also significantly shortens time to market.  In total, the time it takes to change device types is reduced by more than 45 percent, enabling nearly twice the throughput of handlers that rely on standard change kits.

By using Advantest’s on-the-fly vision-alignment technology, devices under test can be precisely positioned, making the new handler ideally suited for testing fine-pitch ICs and devices with both top- and bottom-side contacts. The resulting improvements in test yields and cycle times contribute to higher overall productivity.

The M4872 includes an automatic re-test function that transfers all failed ICs into the loader stocker, helping to avoid time-consuming operator assistance. Compared to handlers that require operator intervention for re-testing, the M4872 can reduce lot test times by 20 percent or more, increase daily output by more than 25 percent and lower the number of test systems needed.

In addition, the handler’s optional active thermal control unit deploys efficient heating/cooling to maintain set point temperatures within 1°C over the range of -45° C to 125° C while achieving fast temperature ramp times.  Both electric and air capacity requirements are reduced, helping users to be more efficient in facility management.

The scalable M4872 handler is compatible with the V93000 platform and the new T2000 AiR system, designed for low-cost testing in R&D and high-mix, low-volume production.  Handler operation is made simple by a user-friendly GUI with pre-defined functions.

“With this new handler, we are continuing to help our customers improve their HVM operations, increase their overall equipment effectiveness and reduce time to market for new device designs,” said Hiroki Ikeda, factory automation division manager at Advantest.

Commercial units of the M4872 handler are scheduled to begin shipping to customers by the end of this calendar year.


M4872 Test Handler

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