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Oct 6, 2017 Sustainability

Advantest owns a biotope with a gross area of 17,000m2 in our Gunma R&D center (Meiwa-machi, Ora-gun, Gunma Pref.).

By utilizing this expansive biotope, we hold nature observation meetings for local schoolchildren in order to provide them with a place where they can commune with nature.

This time, we invited 26 2nd graders from Meiwa Higashi Elementary School on July 10.

Our biotope consists of a forest, pond, grassland, and river, etc. Various kinds of animals and plants, including “Near Threatened” ones, are living there. Schoolchildren walked through dense forest, and chased small creatures in the biotope, such as dragonflies, butterflies and grasshoppers in the wide grassland. They also communed with the rich nature by bringing long fishing rods and enjoying crayfish fishing.

Advantest will continue to hold nature observation meetings.

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