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Nov 17, 2017 Sustainability

Advantest volunteers participated in forest conservation activities Kusatsu Royal Course on the 20th and 21st of October. This was the 11th year Advantest has implemented this activity, starting in 2007.

Kusatsu Royal Course is a path through the forest near the well-known Kusatsu Onsen hot springs resort. Called the "Healing Trail of Kusatsu Forest," it is used by many people, but at present unwanted plants have grown up around the trail and forest maintenance is needed.

A total of 19 employee volunteers carried out forest clearing and thinning work along the trail under the guidance of the Agatsuma Forest Management Office. It was not easy to saw down individual trees in the rain while taking appropriate safety precautions, but participants were enthusiastic about the experience: "This was a valuable experience amidst refreshing natural surroundings," one said, and another commented, "I would like to continue to participate in forest preservation activities in the future!"

Thinning trees in forests helps to promote the growth of the remaining trees and conserves healthy forest landscapes, which contribute to carbon dioxide absorption and water source stability.

The Advantest Group will continue to conduct forest conservation activities with the aim of regenerating Japan's forests.

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