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TOKYO, Japan, January 5, 2011 - Haruo Matsuno, president and CEO of Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857, NYSE: ATE), recently delivered a New Year’s address to employees and stakeholders, outlining the company’s major goals for 2011:

“2010 was a year of returning optimism, as the financial crisis receded and the global recovery gained credibility. In the semiconductor industry, infrastructure-related demand and sales of electronics and automobiles are still expanding in step with the emerging economies, presaging continued robust growth. However, a more granular look at the chip industry reveals unprecedented changes underway: shifts in application demand, increased concentration among producers, and the development of new technologies that address the physical limits of Moore’s law. Advantest is broadly exposed to these changes, and our survival as a company will depend on our ability to take the lead in our response to them.”

Meeting the needs of our customers will continue to be our focus in 2011, as the new products we announced during 2010 are successively launched, enabling Advantest to address a wider variety of applications. These new products both enhance customer efficiency and help to lower test costs. We will also sustain our focus on complementary businesses, reinforce our field service operations, further commercialize our IP and test technology offerings, and offer flexible leasing schemes.”

Growing through globalization is the future of Advantest, which derives 80% of its revenues from outside Japan. We will continue to raise the bar with prompt on-site support for our customers throughout the world. We will also increase our emphasis on local procurement and local manufacturing, while further reinforcing our R&D, SE, and support operations by drawing on the best human resources worldwide.”

Engaging with new ideas has been Advantest’s hallmark, most recently in our 2009 launch of the TAS7000 terahertz imaging and analysis system. Going forward, we will continue to push the envelope by applying Advantest’s measurement technology in new arenas. Our commitment to R&D goes hand in hand with the process of upgrading our business model to enhance profitability. Advantest’s new products will continue to embody the cutting edge of technology, as we create value for society through groundbreaking research.”

In conclusion, I would like to announce our slogan for 2011:

Forward! Believe in Yourself.

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