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New test system is optimized for low pin count analog IC test, reduces test cost with highly efficient system resource allocation

TOKYO, JAPAN - November 24, 2010 – Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857, NYSE: ATE) today announced its new analog test system, the T7910. Targeting principally low pin count general-purpose analog ICs, the T7910 significantly reduces test cost with highly efficient system resource allocation. The new test system will be available from December.

Widely used in consumer electronics and automotive applications, analog ICs are price-sensitive, high-volume devices. High-growth applications such as lithium-ion battery protection, as well as voltage regulators and power supply controller ICs, also place demands on measurement accuracy to keep pace with advancing product functionality. Meanwhile, price pressures on device manufacturers require solutions that lower the cost of analog test. Advantest’s newly announced T7910 is a low-cost analog test system that addresses accuracy requirements while contributing to cost savings.

Key Features

The T7910 features the newly developed MMDC (multi-function, multi-channel DC) module, which integrates the HDMC device power supply module utilized in Advantest’s previously available analog test system, the T7912, with an input/output power supply module, the MDC module. This new analog module is designed to allow input/output power supply to be set separately for each pair of channels, enabling highly precise system resource allocation in comparison to the T7912. By eliminating wastage of system resources, test costs are significantly reduced and higher throughput is achieved for target devices. The T7910’s software environment is also fully shared with the T7912, allowing continued utilization of existing user software assets.

Key Specifications

Target devices General-purpose analog ICs
Optical semiconductor devices
Power supply ICs
Parallel test capacity Max. 8
Voltage / power Device power supply: max. 16 channels
±64V / ±300mA, ±32V / ±500mA, ±32V / ±1A (pulse), ±16V / ±3A (pulse)
Input / output power supply: max. 48 channels
±64V / ±32mA, ±4V / ±64mA

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