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New 3D Imaging Analysis System from Advantest Utilizes Terahertz Wave Technology to Visualize Concealed Data

TOKYO, Japan, April 5, 2010 - Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857, NYSE: ATE) today announced that it has successfully commercialized a new 3D imaging analysis system, the TAS7000, which utilizes terahertz waves. The TAS7000 is now available for purchase. Without destroying samples, the TAS7000 delivers 3D visualizations of their interiors and easily analyzes the distribution of their constituents, structural defects, etc. The system was realized by exploiting an original terahertz imaging technology developed by Advantest in collaboration with Prof. Dr. Kodo Kawase of Nagoya University. This technology makes possible new methods of analysis and inspection, not only in the industrial arena, but also in pharmaceuticals, a field where analysis is set to grow more and more complex in the future, and also in the food industry and biotechnology.

As an initial application for the TAS7000, Advantest is proposing a new method that enables the distribution of particulate matter (PM) accumulated inside ceramic filters for diesel engines to be nondestructively visualized in 3D and quantitatively analyzed. Further details will be made available at the SAE 2010 World Congress, to be held in Detroit, MI on April 13th - 15th, and at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2010, to be held in Yokohama, Japan, on May 19th - 21st.

Advantest is presently exploring multiple applications, and is aggressively moving forward with the development of a second and a third application targeting fields such as industrial processing and chemicals. The company will also offer options to adapt the basic system configuration of the TAS7000 to customers' diverse analysis and inspection needs.

Visual analysis of PM accumulation in diesel particulate filters with the TAS7000

The filtration systems widely used to reduce harmful emissions from diesel engines rely on a key component, the ceramic filter. However, particulate matter (PM) builds up inside these filters over time, decreasing their efficiency. Developers need accurate analysis of the distribution of PM within the filter to optimize the design of emissions filtration systems.
The TAS7000 exploits the unique properties of the terahertz spectrum to scan samples with nondestructive radiation, and processes the transmitted terahertz waves with computed tomography (CT) methodology, achieving data-rich pictures of PM distribution within the filter and changes to its internal structure - information that was inaccessible to previous imaging technologies. For ease of analysis, the TAS7000 presents data in 3D visual format.


Ceramic filter with sooty buildup


Sample 3D visualization of PM analysis


Sample 2D visualization of PM analysis

Features of the TAS7000

  • A global first: non-destructive 2D and 3D analysis utilizing Terahertz wave
    The TAS7000 enables non-destructive, 2D and 3D analysis of the internal composition and structure of measurement targets, utilizing computed tomography (CT) and exploiting the unique properties of terahertz waves. The TAS7000 enables not only analysis of the structural homogeneity of an internal substance, but also identification of constituents and quantitative distribution measurement. Moreover, in contrast with other regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, terahertz waves can penetrate various types of materials with moderate transmittance, allowing for analysis.
  • High-speed measurement utilizes Advantest's terahertz optical sampling technology
    The TAS7000 relies on Advantest's newly developed, ultra-short pulse femtosecond optical fiber laser technology for terahertz wave generation and detection, and utilizes the company's original terahertz wave high-speed optical sampling technique. Thus, the TAS7000 enables the short time analysis distinctly, even the sample needs numerous measurement facts by 3D analysis.
  • Broadband terahertz wave spectroscopic analysis
    The TAS7000 enables broadband, high-resolution spectroscopic analysis up to a maximum analytical frequency of 3THz. The system is ideally suited for acquiring fingerprint spectra of a comprehensive range of chemical, industrial, and biological materials. For high precision, the system has the option to dehumidify the sample chamber during the measurement.
  • Versatile system specifications support production lines
    The TAS7000's robust and versatile design permits multiple channels to be installed in its generator and detector modules, making it suitable for production line inspection and other applications requiring parallel measurement functionality. The system can be configured to meet the needs of customers.

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