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October 26, 2012CSR

On September 15th, the Advantest (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (ASP) employees and their families ― the total of approximately 90 people ― participated in the coastal cleanup activities.

This cleanup project was sponsored by Ocean Conservancy, a marine conservation organization. There are from seventy to one hundred countries participating in this project worldwide, and the participants clean up seashores and the areas around lakes and rivers all over the world on the same day every year. This year was the sixth time for the ASP to participate in this event. The participants collected as much as 27kg of trash from the 500-meter coastline and gained hands-on experience in understanding the importance of environmental protection.

The ASP also enjoyed being part of the charity event called “Walk-a-Jog,” held on the same day. In this event, the amount of donation to the Children’s Cancer Foundation, a non-profit organization, would be determined by the distances of walking and jogging completed by the participants. The event this time successfully raised S$2,810 (approximately 180,000 yen), which was donated to the children and their families fighting against cancer.

Both events were blessed with beautiful weather, providing the employees and their families with wonderful opportunities to strengthen their bonds and contribute to our community.

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