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2011-10-14 00:00:00.0 CSR

The Advantest Group has been part of a project to donate unneeded used books and household goods and to utilize them in our society.

During the period between September 19th and 23rd, Advantest Taiwan Inc. (ATI) installed a collection box in the office and called for the employees' participation in the donations of books, office supplies, household goods, etc. This donation drive resulted in eight cardboard boxes of items, which included 50 pieces of donated bath towels from the ATI Welfare Committee. ATI gave these donated items as gifts to five orphanages, including the Onesiphorus Children's Home.

Advantest Corporation also donated seven boxes of books, CDs and DVDs shipped by the employees in Japan. These articles will be sold through a commercial entity, and proceeds from the sales will be given to the valued welfare organizations by Advantest.

The Advantest Group will continue to explore an effective use of resources and will contribute to our society by avoiding wasteful disposition of unneeded articles and donate them to the people who need them.

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