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2011-05-30 00:00:00.0 CSR

For five days from May 16th to 20th, fifty-five employees of the Advantest Group volunteered to work in the city of Sendai, one of the areas hit by the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean earthquake, in Japan.

The fact that our R&D facility, Advantest Laboratories Ltd., and our manufacturing site, Sendai Factory, are both located in Sendai symbolizes our strong tie with the city of Sendai. After much deliberation on what the Advantest Group could do as a company, and as a person, to help the disaster victims, we decided to recruit volunteers from our employees to provide support for the reconstruction effort in the city.

By taking into account the information on the disaster areas' needs made available by the Northern Tsunami Disaster Volunteer Center, the volunteers were dispatched to the Okada District and the Gamou District in Miyagino Ward and worked to dump out the mud, remove debris from the wreckage, clean up the victim's houses, etc, in these areas. Since it was the first time for the volunteers to be engaged with such tasks as removing the sludge piled up in the ditches after the tsunami and cleaning up the debris, they struggled to make the desired progress. However, the gratitude expressed by the victims warned up their heart and became their motivating power to work. The volunteers also enjoyed the opportunity to communicate not only with the victims but also with many other volunteers at the site.

The Advantest Group hopes to continue to be involved in any activities that would lead to support for the earthquake-hit areas in the future.

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