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2011-08-26 00:00:00.0 CSR

The Advantest Group hosts a few fun events to increase the environmental awareness among its employees during the Environment Month in June every year.

In 2011, an environmental drawing contest and an environmental photo contest were held for the Advantest Group's employees and their families in Japan and overseas.

109 children of the employees entered the environmental drawing contest, which celebrated the third anniversary this year. Drawings and posters by the contestants, using a variety of colors to express beautiful nature, adorable animals and warnings on global warming, were equally outstanding, which made the task of selecting the finalists for the First Place Award and the Grand Prize Award extremely difficult.

The theme of the First Environmental Photo Contest was the Scenes of Nature We Want to Preserve. We received as many as 143 photos to be entered into the contest. Those photos turned out to be a series of fascinating shots, which would even outshine the ones by a professional, conveying the photographers' love for nature to the audience.

We exhibited the drawings and the photos sent to the contests internally and also published them on the intranet so that more employees would have opportunities to enjoy seeing them.

We will host other joyful events to help us think of our environment again next year and will continue in our effort to increase our employees' environmental awareness.

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