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2012-09-07 00:00:00.0 CSR

On July 29, 2012, the "Unerbush-Cutting Volunteer Project for Developing the Forests around the Ongagawa River Headstreams" was held in Kama City in Fukuoka Prefecture. Two Advantest Group employees from the Kitakyushu R&D Center participated in this project.

This activity is a tree-planting project sponsored by the Promotion Council for the Development of the Forests around the Ongagawa River Headstreams - a community organization in Kama City. The objectives of this project are to clean up the mountains and the forests which fell into ruin after the decline of agriculture and forestry and to protect and nurture the rich nature and the clear water of the Ongagawa River headstreams. The Kitakyushu R&D Center has been providing its support to this forest preservation project every year.

Under the midsummer sun, the volunteers proceeded with their work even though they struggled with an unstable foothold on the mountain slope. They completed weeding and cutting underbrush in approximately 1.5 hectares of the mountain forest. “I felt refreshed when I saw the clean and well-maintained forest,” commented our employee who participated in this project.

In order to protect the water sources, which support people's lives, and to leave our children of the next generation with wonderful natural environment, the Advantest Group will continue to participate actively in forest preservation projects in the future.

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