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2012-05-18 00:00:00.0 CSR

On April 28th, fourteen employees from Advantest America, Inc. (AAI) volunteered to participate in a home-repair project.

This was part of a social contribution project organized by Rebuilding Together® Silicon Valley to provide low-income residents, the elderly and the people with disabilities with free repairs of the houses they live. AAI has been participating in this project since 2005.

The volunteers this time were engaged in the maintenance work in a garden left neglected after a fire. Maintaining the deserted garden was a difficult task, but the owner-resident of the house was extremely delighted with the result of the work. The resident's gratitude also brought a feeling of happiness to the volunteers.

AAI will continue to participate actively in the social contribution activities in the future.

  • img_nrcsr_20120518_02

    Before repairing

  • img_nrcsr_20120518_03

    After repairing