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November 05, 2012CSR

On October 6th, Advantest Taiwan Inc. (ATI) held an environmental event for the employees and their family members.

In this event, the participants hiked the Qi-long Ancient Trail in Hsinchu County, where ATI is also located, while they cleaned up the path and enjoyed nature observation. The Qi-long Ancient Trail is situated in the area with an abundance of nature, including deep woods, bamboo forests, small valleys and waterfalls.

There were twenty-two employees and their families participated in this event this time. They held plastic bags in their hands and picked up trash such as PET bottles and cigarette butts while enjoyed hiking along the trail. A local guide also came along with the participants and helped them learn the local culture and the ecology of plants and animals making their habitat around the Qi-long Ancient Trail. The entire region of the Qi-long Ancient Trail is a habitat of the Taiwan Blue Magpie, which is a type of magpies, and the New World Barbet, which belongs to the Picidae (a.k.a. woodpeckers). A great multitude of fireflies also appear here in early summer.

Picking up trash while hiking the trail was not an easy task, but the participants were able to learn the importance of nature by having contact with the beautiful plants and animals.

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