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Dec 1, 2014 Products

New M6245 Handler Offers Greater Positioning Accuracy,
Throughput and Temperature Control for Higher Test Yields

TOKYO, Japan — December 1, 2014 — Leading semiconductor test equipment supplier Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857, NYSE: ATE) has introduced its new M6245 test handler, offering industry-leading productivity with minimal downtime by incorporating the company's latest advances for handling double data rate (DDR) and Flash memory devices.

"By combining improved positioning accuracy, higher throughput and tighter temperature control in a single system, our latest handler enables the most efficient testing of advanced memory ICs," said Hiroki Ikeda, FA (factory automation) division manager of Advantest Corporation.

The M6245 handler incorporates a visual-alignment system that improves test yields by achieving contact accuracy to within 0.3 mm ball pitch. This makes the system capable of handling memories with fine pitches. The highly precise alignment capability also allows faster set-up and calibration, contributing to higher system productivity.

In addition, a new handling design for M6245 ensures maximum throughput while applying visual alignment to support fine-pitch devices. The design also enables the highest possible throughput when using mechanical alignment for current pitch devices.

Productivity is maximized by the new handler's high level of automation. Semiconductor devices are automatically re-tested from initial testing, reducing the workload on operators while helping to ensure the highest possible yield.

Using Advantest's proprietary new thermal technology "dual-fluid design," the temperature of each device under test can be maintained to within ±1ºC throughout the range of -20ºC to 100ºC while temperature accuracy is ±2ºC over the ranges of -40ºC to -20.1ºC and 100.1ºC to 125ºC. This enables highly accurate testing of memory ICs that operate over a wide spectrum of temperatures.

The system also incorporates Advantest's new handler data visualization framework, which enables real-time monitoring of a test cell's status from any internet-enabled connection.

Shipments of the M6245 handler are scheduled to begin in the first quarter of calendar year 2015.


M6245 Test Handler

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