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TOKYO, Japan, – September 13, 2012 – Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857, NYSE: ATE) announces that the CSR Report 2012, which highlights the Advantest Group's efforts in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in fiscal 2011, is now available on the Advantest website.

The CSR Report 2012 reports on a variety of CSR initiatives concerning Advantest's relationships with stakeholder groups (including customers, shareholders/investors, suppliers, local societies and employees) from a CSR perspective.

Going forward, the Advantest Group will not simply seek to increase earnings, but also actively take initiatives in CSR to reduce environmental impact, contribute to society and further raise customer satisfaction. Through this Advantest will contribute to bringing about a sustainable society. Furthermore, via this CSR Report Advantest publically discloses information on its CSR efforts, and thus is making strides in being a company trusted by all stakeholders.

Features of the CSR Report 2012

  1. Special Feature
    The CSR Report 2012 showcases efforts in bringing innovative technologies and products to fruition that will contribute to developing new businesses and solving society's problems. These efforts are based on technology and know-how built upon Advantest's "measurement and testing technology" DNA.
  2. Initiative Reports
    The Report also compiles information and reports on CSR initiatives in line with the seven core principals of the ISO26000 certification, which deals with social responsibility-related processes.
  3. Environmental Highlights
    The Report furthermore spotlights Advantest Group efforts in reducing electric power usage in Japan in fiscal 2011, and the results of these efforts.

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