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Presence in nation’s foremost pharmaceutical corridor expands access to critical R&D markets

TOKYO, Japan – October 10, 2012 – Advantest America Inc., a subsidiary of Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857, NYSE: ATE), today announced the opening of an office in Princeton, New Jersey. The new facility, which incorporates offices and a laboratory, establishes a presence for the company in the heart of the pharmaceutical industry’s most research-intensive corridor, where many leading pharmaceutical companies are headquartered. Advantest’s TAS7500 delivers advanced terahertz spectroscopic technology for rapid, non-destructive imaging and analysis of pharmaceutical samples in the liquid or solid state, enabling previously unattainable levels of 2D and 3D visualization critical to the design, evaluation, and manufacture of pharmaceutical products.

Since its introduction in 2011, the TAS7500 has attracted attention from several key drug companies. Leading US pharmaceutical manufacturers, as well as top-tier Japanese pharmaceutical firms, have entered into consultation with Advantest regarding adoption of the system. The new Princeton office will conduct intensive sales and marketing activities in addition to offering system demos at its new laboratory, which is equipped for full-operational research with state-of-the-art pharmaceutical tools including NIR (∗1), XRD (∗2), DSC (∗3), a TGA analyzer (∗4), and Raman spectroscopy equipment, as well as two TAS7500 systems each comprising an imaging unit and a spectroscopic unit.

“Through a direct and localized presence, the establishment of a Princeton office allows us the opportunity to better meet the needs of our customer base,” stated Haruo Matsuno, Advantest Corporation’s president and CEO. “Because NJ boasts a significant concentration of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, situating the office in close proximity to key R&D activities will help the company expand its reach in this major market,” he continued.

The TAS7500 utilizes a proprietary method developed by Advantest to achieve rapid, non-destructive imaging and analysis of pharmaceutical samples in the liquid or solid state. Crystalline qualities, the characteristics of constituents, and even the thickness, density, and internal structure of tablet coating - formerly impossible to analyze non-destructively - may be analyzed and visually rendered in two or three dimensions. The system offers lower costs and higher efficiency at all stages of drug development from lab research to process scale-up. According to Advantest, the TAS7500 is poised to contribute to the new pharmaceutical R&D paradigm, which is based on intelligent risk management, and incorporates the ICH (∗5) guidelines that are being adopted by an increasing number of firms.

∗1:NIR: near infrared spectroscopy

∗2:XRD: X-ray diffraction system

∗3:DSC: differential scanning calorimetry

∗4:TGA analyzer: thermogravimetric analyzer

∗5:ICH: The International Conference on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use (ICH), an international advisory group.

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