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Advantest's New DDR3 Memory Test System Configuration Offers Industry's Highest Throughput, 256-DUT Parallel Test Capacity

TOKYO, Japan, May 29, 2009 - Advantest Corporation (TSE: 6857, NYSE: ATE) today announced availability of its new, expanded configuration T5503 high-speed memory test system, boasting the industry's highest parallel test capability of up to 256 DDR3 devices -- double that of the previous model. The expanded configuration test system, known as the T5503 8448 Channel Test Head, is currently shipping.

High-Speed Memory Providers Demand High-Speed Test Equipment

Broadband communications are now widely used in households and businesses throughout the globe and expectations are growing for higher quality and larger capacity applications including video, audio, and on-line content. The demand for low-power, very high-speed memory to drive these applications is prompting the near-term transition from DDR2-SDRAM to DDR3-SDRAM. DDR3's increased performance, coupled with lower power requirements, promise to measurably enhance the capabilities of equipment such as PCs, notebooks and servers, as well as advanced consumer products such as game consoles and HDTV.

Accompanying this shift to DDR3-SDRAM is a corresponding requirement from device manufacturers for higher-speed and more accurate test capabilities, and an insistence on lowered costs for mass production of these new high-speed devices. Advantest's T5503 8448 Channel Test Head addresses these needs, delivering superior throughput and lowered test costs for high-speed manufacturing.

The new, expanded configuration of the T5503 reinforces Advantest's market leadership in the memory test solution arena by delivering a massively parallel 256 DUT test capacity and the industry's highest uptime and utilization. Coupled with Advantest's M6242 handler the T5503 provides a DDR3 test cell that delivers both performance and yield as well as lowest cost of volume production test.

Features and Benefits

  1. Parallel test of up to 256 DDR3-SDRAM devices
    The T5503 8448 Channel Test Head doubles the parallel test capacity of the earlier model T5503, making it an ideal test solution for volume production of high-speed memory.
  2. Compatible with M6242 Dynamic Test Handler
    Its compatibility with Advantest's most advanced test handler, the M6242, makes the T5503 part of a total solution for high-volume back-end test.
  3. Optional configuration enables 256-DUT parallel test capacity for stacked DRAM
    Bare-die stacking technology significantly increases the pin count of DDR3-SDRAM devices. An optional pin card is available for the expanded T5503 that preserves its 256-DUT parallel test capacity even for stacked high-speed DRAM

Key Specifications

Target Test Devices DDR3-SDRAM, GDDR3, GDDR4, etc.
Parallel Test Capacity Max. 256 DUTs
Maximum Test Speed 3.2Gbps

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