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2010-02-05 00:00:00.0 CSR

The employees of Advantest Korea Co., Ltd. (ATK) have been involved in donation activities.

During the period between November 19th and December 24th, the ATK employees brought used clothes, books, home electrical appliances and others from their homes and donated the collected goods to a nonprofit organization, the Beautiful Store.

The Beautiful Store is an organization which provides supports to the people in need. It sells donated used goods and not-in-use goods at low prices and utilizes the proceeds to support and help the underprivileged and the Third World.

This was the third time for ATK to be involved in the donation campaign. The increased awareness for the CSR activity among the employees has resulted in an increased number of participants every year. During this event, ATK was able to collect 635 items, the highest number of donations by the employees to date.

It should be also noted that these activities contribute not only to our society but also to our global environment. The resources which were to be discarded are now utilized effectively, and the CO2 emission is reduced during the waste treatment. By reusing the 635 items collected during the campaign, we were able to achieve the reduction of approximately 10 tons of CO2 that would have been generated during the waste treatment process.

ATK will continue to be involved in the activities for the happiness of people and for the benefit of our global environment.