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2010-02-26 00:00:00.0 CSR

In November 2009, Advantest (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (ASC) donated clothes to Baiyü County, located in the western Garzê Tibet Autonomous Region in Suzhou Province, with the support from an NGO in Chengdu, Suzhou Province.

Baiyü County is situated approximately 100 km outside of Chengdu. Many residents in the county live in a harsh environment, where the snow begins to fall as early as in October. The deprived population's living conditions are so desperate that they cannot even secure the minimum amount of food and clothes to survive the winter. It is not unusual to find people with only thin clothes on to get by the severe cold weather in this county.

Learning these circumstances from volunteers at the NGO, ASC decided that it would want to do something to help the people in Baiyü County keep themselves warmer than before in winter. ASC made an internal call for donations of clothing by setting up a rule to have brand new winter clothes consist of more than sixty percent of all the donated clothes. As a result, approximately eighty clothes, including jackets and sweaters, were collected. The clothes collected in ASC's Beijing, Suzhou and Shanghai offices were transported by trucks and horses and were delivered to Baiyü County in early November.

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