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2011-03-11 00:00:00.0 CSR

On February 20th, the Advantest Group participated in the forestry preservation activity at Mt. Kabasawa in Aoba-ku in the city of Sendai.

The objectives of this activity were to preserve the satoyama, an undeveloped woodland near the populated area in Aoba-ku, as well as to increase our employees' awareness for the environment and biodiversity.

Mt. Kabasawa is a precious satoyama with a lot of nature left, and a volunteer organization, Satoyama Net Akasaka, has been taking the initiatives in various conservation activities there.

The twenty-five employees from the Advantest Group participated in the “Hands-on Workshop in Pruning in Winter” this time. Thinning cypress trees on steep slopes in the forest with some lingering snow was a more challenging task than everyone expected. However, when the participants saw the sunshine lighting up the forest, they showed their excitement and said, “We definitely want to participate in this event again next time.”

The Advantest Group will continue to carry out the forestry preservation activities and will make contributions to the conservation of biodiversity in the future.

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